Rice Crisps by Mister Potato Review - Prince of Persia

Fetched my wife around 7.30P.M right after my working hours ended. Slowly drove along the common traffic jam from The Gardens, Pekeliling bus station and then headed towards the e-Curve. Well, I didn't really know that e-Curve and the Curve are totally 2 different things. Parked at the Curve and collected my tickets along with 2 cans of Mister Potato Rice crisps. Sour cream onion and Hot & Spicy.

I never thought we could get a can each. I thought we need to share a can at most. But Mister Potato surely so generous to give a can for each ticket. I don't need to share with my wife..ahahaha!!!!

Now I'm gonna review the 2 flavours I got first before I moved on with the movie review. Ok, we opened the Hot n Spicy can during the movie. Let me point out the review;

1. Texture - in term of how it tastes for every bites you take and munch them, it's not that thin. For me, if it's too thin, it's a cheap chips!! I know cheap chips!! cheap chips!! It rhymes so nice huh, but the taste wont be that nice.

2. Flavour - born as a Javanese whose mother is one spice lover, spice is in my blood. Of course for me, it's not that spicy. But the 'hotness' can still be tasted. For the sour cream & onion flavour, the sourness of it is to my like. So does my wife. If I were to buy one now, I would prefer the sour cream.

3. Stomach-value - I could feel half full-up after half of the can was consumed. I bet it could be an optional meal if you were on run and didn't manage to get some proper meal. A can would do!!

4. Packaging - white background seems to be more interesting personally for me than their previous packaging.

I really enjoy the movie and having mister potato to be munched along the movie was simply astonishing!!! Ekekeke..Now, the movie review;

When at the very first, there was a scene where Dastan was taken to the palace as the prince, I was saying "it's gonna be a typical rivalry between the brothers to be the heir and the next king". But I was wrong. The brothers bond was so great along the story.

The jumping scenes are as nice as the video game, the effect was nicely choreographed. The heroine is one gorgeous lady but I need to whisper the "walaaa.cun wohhh" slowly coz my wife was next to me. Ahahahahaha!!!! The fighting are just nice and a great one during the clash with the Hassansins!!

Humor was filling the movie every now and then. Hehehehe!! Tax Free!!! Damn funny. Secret government assasination team!!! Ahahahahahaa!!!

It's worth driving through the traffic jam. And of course I would recommend you guys to watch it. Not a heavy movie with just simple story line and definitely a great adaptation if you gamers need to ask. I was shocked that they actually made the movie with an ending. Hehehe. I thought, it would be a hanging-there ending. So, another plus for the movie.

Thanks Nuffnang for the great tickets and the great snack!!!!


jedi said…
aku dpt tiket tp xgi pasal kena jaga test pile...kalo x leh lepak skali...
zonaku said…
aku tgh menunggu nk tgk ni......

sapa la nk teman aku??? masy tgh ilang ni!
Erina Asmawani said…
best kan cite ni..aku suka! enjoy..tula..last2 mmg x sangka pembunuh sebenarnya..paling lawak part burung unta. anita..wakakaka
fndrocka said…
funny movie lah kan..aksi sangat menghiburkan.tapi at the end..it just another movie..tak begitu memorable.

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aku tak sabar nk lyn cita ni.balik kampung sibuk ngn family ja
tOm said…
huhu.. enjoy gile tgk movie ni..