Lesu la~~~~ Wa kena ada satu injection. Bonus kot..huhu

Hati tengah tak segirang ini. Huhu..
Ekal bukan main sronok lompat bersama aku..hehehe

13-20th June InsyaAllah, I would be having our honeymoon at Redang and Cameron Highland (syurga perosak alam sekitar bak kata Karam Singh). There's a news saying that Redang would have it's own quota of visitors every year just like Sipadan. That's gonna be sucks!! But it's a private island and they have the right to do so. Plus, Redang is going to be exclusive and luxurious-oriented in the near future. The room rates going to be skyrocketed. So, to those who never been there, this is the right time to step your foot on Redang's white sand before, we the not-rich fellows lost our chance.

I'm losing my spirit since the news for this year's increment and bonus is nowhere inside my inbox. I bet everyone of us is waiting for the good news. They've already spread the lie (hoping it's true but better called it a lie so it won't crushed me later if it really is a lie) that there's gonna be a salary adjustment for the consultants as my company is currently one of the underpaying SAP company in the market. Just pray the best out of it.

Eventhough the bonus is still a legendary or imaginary thing for now, I've already listed what should be done using that hard-earned extra cash;

1. Road tax and insurance renewal - Daphne's installment, RM800 + Insurance, around RM800 = RM1600.
2. Wardina's insurance, service and license renewal - Around RM300
3. Send Daphne for some paint job - Abah, hit the garage pillar previously and the left lower panel of the car terkopak. It's starting to rust and the service center guy advised me to paint it before it rusted out and withered.
4. Honeymoon - Around 1K
5. Printing the wedding albums - RM460.

Yeah...please don't start guessing how much my salary is. It's not that high OK. Those figures are way more than the exact bonus amount. Need to top it up with my own salary of the month of course. Huhu. Tu belum plan nak beli kamera baru. Takleh hidup la without a camera. It's my passion and I used to hold it. Huwaaaa~~~


aku doa2 kamu dapat new camera beb~

Kniedaz said…
biasalah tu..tapi akak tau gaji ko mampu membiayai semua itu..ehehe..nak g honeymoon? bestnya..nak ajak hubby g honeymoon sekali lagilah kahkahkah
Jard The Great said…
ku sama2 doa dgn zara. amin. =)
kenwooi said…
all the best with the work, and salary =)
Mak Su said…
alahai, sedihler bab increment bonus ni..... masalah besarlah. kompeni tmpt paksu kerja dah declare dah, no bonus this year.... (ekceli, it is almost every year pun tak dak bonus, except once, last year) :(

mine, if i have, would be very minimal..... many -ves aura lately roaming myself

zella y said…
aku doa2 ade la gud news utk ko nanti k... ;)
HEMY said…
semoga termakbul doa kalian..leh kita bergambar2an lagi kan..amiiinnnn
niesz said…
gud luck ek..all d best!
*~ aRaBeLLa ~* said…
airasia tgh promo tiket free..try ar..
Masy said…
ku doa yg terbaik utk korang berdua laa eh..

*mode baik siap nk doakan org lg. hehe*
HEMY said…
mekasih mekasih...bella..ko book kan..jom kita pi berdua...ekekeke
zonaku said…
pssttt... mlm ni kot start promo airasia.. x pun dah start tgh mlm td...
try la

er.. aku doakan ko ada bonus supaya ko leh beli kamera baru......

kan ker ko jer ada permission tuk letak pic aku tanpa edit
pergh! banyakkan expense. hohoho. mesti parah kan.