Ke lauuutttt~~~~~ Part 1 -Bas rosak la plak~~

I bought my ticket on Friday night a bit late. As I dozed off from the original plan to buy it before I went to the office on Friday morning, I was lucky enough to get the last minute ticket to K.Terengganu. Around 9.15P.M, my bus arrived at Putrajaya Sentral - Mega Jaya express. I parked at the "ParkNRide" for free and humped onto my seat to find out that my partner of the night is an old lady. I smiled at her and she replied back with a weak yet sweet smile.

It's supposed to be a fast journey as the bus didn't fetch anymore passengers at Hentian Duta. But the bad night was about to start. I was awoke when we reached the LPT toll. "Oh, dah masuk LPT", I talked to myself before I heard a sound "BOB BOB BOB BOB BOBBBB". The bus was shaking a bit. The driver pulled aside right after he felt it. Oh, forgot to mention that my seat was right at the back of the driver.

He opened the door and checked the bus. "Alaa.pancit", was the last word I wanted to hear at that point. It was my first stranded experience. When the driver checked further, the right rear tires were both punctured. Well, most of the cars or even a bus would only have one spare tire. So we had to wait for another bus to pulled aside and lend us another one. And that already took for a while. I just tried to sleep during the process. But after 2 hours, I decided to get out of the bus for some fresh air.

I could see the driver and another half-naked guy were trying to change the tire. A guy spotted me, smiled at me and later he was sitting next to me by the drain chatting about his stranded experience the month before. It seems that even the bolt was damage and after 3 hours of trying, a nice chat and knowing that the guy is a friend of my colleague, took a desperate-standing-piss 20 feet away from the bus, we hopped onto a backup bus. A bus without an air-conditioner. How niceeee huh?? Luckily my seat was right below the roof slid. I could feel a nice breeze along the journey.

We stopped at Plaza Tol Jabor. Thanks to the driver, I didn't skip my subuh prayer. Well, not all bus driver would stop for a prayer.

The old lady sitting next to me asked me when I get back into the bus.

"Pancit ke?"
"haah..dua tayar. Kena tunggu bas lain"
"Makcik tiga kali dh ni naik bas, tiga2 kali pancit tayar"

Dalam hati ada kata..."Ooo..makcik la punya pasal ni..kali ni ngan aku pn rasa sama". Ekekeke..jahat ngguh!!


wHoSeNa said…
sokong ngan kamu..bkn semua org phm ajaran yg satu tuh wlupun agama dier...=))
HEMY said…
thanks both of you. Mmg..kita amek mudah kan
zella y said…
ko ni jahat la... kutuk2 mak cik tu heheheh
HEMY said…
zella,ekekeke..dalam hati jeee
syah shah said…
bagusnya drebar bas tu... :D :D
Masy said…
gud2 pakcik drebar.. baru la gaji berkat salamaaattttt
HEMY said…
driber belah pntai timur masih ramai yg jaga solat
tunbegia said…
sekang nak balik selatan naik bas ekspres kat bukit jalil lagi sadis uoolss,

Ku Tak Sempurna said…
agak2 baper kilo kah berat makcik itu??


hihihihi... sori makcik... :D
selamat hari raya... maaf zahir batin
Kniedaz said…
alhamdulillah masih ada lagi yg prihatin ngan kewajipan yg satu tu..lama dah tak nek bas..hehe
Hahaha. Siot je ko nak kata makcik tu bawak sial ya. Tapi memang betul tu bro, tak semua driver bas nak berhenti utk solat. Kadang-kadang buat tak tahu sehingga org gtau nak berhenti solat. Huh.