I could feel the breeze of Islam in the east coast

I was driving towards Kemaman. Kicked off from my in-law's at 5.15P.M. Fetched my sister in-law and I asked Cembam to drive first. I felt so sleepy. But we switched after filling up the gas. Oh, Hashim won!! I trusted him and he didn't betray it. Ekekeke. My housemate was saying "it's gonna be suck if Hafiz has to play". But then I replied, "have faith brother". Ahahahaha.

Oh, back to my entry. While driving along the black road with the dimming earth surrounded us. The crows were flying and like singing to welcome the night. The light of the sun has already been yawning making way to the pitch black world. 

My wife changed the radio station to Terengganu FM as the Hot FM channel was slowly fading away and lost the frequency at the end. After the maghrib azan ended, the DJ said that we were going to hear the maghrib kuliah live from the white mosque (Masjid Putih). So, we listened to it along the way to Kemaman.

I think it was a nice program sincerely. I admit that I'm rarely going to listen any ceramah. I think the last time was years ago. But having it on the radio is actually a nice approach for me. I could listen to it while driving my way to my destiny. I didn't get the title of the ceramah, but the content is how Islam should make the life of everyone easy. How the new Muslim. the mualaf should feel how easy Islam is. 

One of the Imam quote that I like was;

If the rewards (pahala), heaven and hell are something that you could see with your eyes, I don't think any of us would do bad deeds. Isn't that great? So why Allah didn't just use this kind of approach? He wanted to test us. To see how sincere our heart to embrace Islam. To admit that He is the almighty. The omnipotent one that created us and everything in this world. If everyone could see how rewarding it is when we are still living on this temporary vessel, I bet even Semi Velu would be here trying to get some

Hahaha.I also get to know that by giving to others (sedekah), it's a guaranteed 700 times reward of what we gave. It's like investing 1 ringgit for a fix 700 ringgit return. And who else would be giving that to you in this puny world??

Then we drove past a surau (tiny version of  mosque). So many people were in the surau. A lot of cars parked by the long stretched rod. Wowww..it's a rare view in the west-coast. But there in the east-coast, it was something that we could see every night. How great.



we won~

at last~ -_-"
Semalam Hafiz main cm xda perasaan tp mlm tadi, dia main lebih bersemangat.

Aku plan nak settle down kt Kelantan. Ok x? Hehehe.
Masy said…
ko panggil dia Hashim? mentang2 laa nama apak dia yg kat baju eh tu, hehehe.
zella y said…
hafiz main ok2 je smlm...
lgpn yg pemain denmark tu xla selincah pemain jepun semalam...

hati ati xilang lg psl hafiz main ala kadar je kelmarin...huuuhu..
Mak Su said…
kekuatan hati ketulusan iman
HEMY said…
Ok gak tu Shahrul..harapnya masa ko settle down tu..masih lagi best la diorg nye suasana...kena pndi pilih tmpt gak. salah tempat mengalahkan KL
Erina Asmawani said…
jom amalkan sedekah. Senyum pun sedekah jugak kan ? :)))
syah shah said…
belah kelantan & terengganu banyak camtu.. aku suka :D :D

aku pun kalu berjalan-jalan, pastu duk carik-carik stesen, kebetulan berenti kat stesen tengah tazkirah ke, ceramah ke, aku dengar jugaklah kalau cara penyampaian tu menarik... heheheh :D :D