How Many Wiggies?

This is the week 11 Project Alpha topic. A little bit different than the previous weeks. See that picture up there. Well, all you have to do is count it or at least guest how many Wiggy are there. Gosh..let me give you a tip. Count the word "P1 Wimax". It would be easier to count it then looking at those black wiggies. Hehehehe.

So, go and guess it. I've already tweeted my figure just now. I think it's 228 Wiggies there. Hehehe. Hopefully I'm right.

If you wanna take a rest and try to count again. Maybe you want to check these latest Project Alpha season 2 videos first.

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Happy streaming!!!


Mak Su said…
cayalah hemy, maksu tak sempat langsung nak buat apa2 on proj alpha thingy sekarang :(

good luck