21 tahun vs 2 tahun..jauhnya gap!!

Tonight, my weekly tennis session was like the usual night where the learning process is on it's own peace. There was a new Indian guy joining us. When my friend arrived, we played double. The new guy partnered with a chinese guy which has been playing for 7 years.  I played with him the other week and his skill is definitely above mine.

For the first set, we lose 2-6 to them. We only aimed for 3 points anyway. The Indian guy named Andrew served with a nice spinning ball. It looks like an easy serve to be returned back but at the end, you would only see the ball going out of the fence.

The 2nd set, another 2-6 lost and for the last set we only managed to get 1 point. Hahahaha~~~ Damn..They are both good. While gasping some air, drinking water and untying our shoes, we had a conversation among us.

"How long have you been playing?", I asked the Andrew, the Indian guy.
"21 years"
"what?? 21 years?"
"Yah..I've been playing since my age was 4. My dad is a tennis coach"
"Did you participate any game or tournament?", asked the chinese guy curiously
"Yah..I played for the state of Negeri Sembilan in SUKMA. I was No.1 player in Malaysia for under-12 category"

Ahahahahahaha...damn!!! No wonder we only got just 2 points at most. 2 points for my barely 2 years of playing tennis.


To perform this double backhand is not as easy as it looks. See how hard it is from Dementieva's face. Hehehe


Pocket said…
kalau minah tu pakai gigi palshu,
mesti dah terkeluar dah..

21 tahun!!?
jelesh ngan certain people that we sometime lucky enough to meet while we
trudge along this nothingness.

They are so blessed with a rich father that able to send them to piano lesson's while they are still in diapers. Tennis from 4!! i know a guy who able to skate first then he learns to run.. so tak aci...

mana la budak kampung yang dah umur 22 tahun baru nak tahu kater gitar tu 6 tali ni nak buleh lawan!!?...
tak acii!! tak aciii!!

anyway.. pat tahun dulu kita main apa beb? pocket kalu... aci ligan!!
zella y said…
dr 4 thn dh main tenis..mesti la terer kan??

aku suka tgk andy roddick! huhu
Masy said…
aku nk kene pikir dulu sama ada penah pgang reket tenis ke tak.

aaa ade ade abg aku punye. pegang jelah tapi. hahha
PnConfused said…
21 thn????

xske tennis, i play badminton..

errrr... tp xdelah 21 years.... keh3..
Mak Su said…
maksu pandai main tenis, ps2, ahaks.... tapi selalu kalah ngan menatang ps2 iteww
HEMY said…
ya ya pocket..I got it..u want me to stick with my blog name..ekekekekeke

ya loh..those who are so lucky. But hey man..we can still beat them up with effort and err..need a little bit of talent

zella y : huuu...andy roddick tu..

masy : ko sume pegang je ye...

Pn confused, badminton aku suke gak..tp banyak modal nak main
HEMY said…
Mak su : asalkan nama tenis..leh pongeh gak kat jiran
Erina Asmawani said…
tak pernah main tenis (T_T) & tak berminat nak main pun..hehe..
zahidah dihaz said…
tak pernah main tenis