Time is moving feat. Rm70 Jusco voucher spent~~

Kak Wa and Osman is in-town today. They need to sort the messy thing about Kak Wa's visa. Well, thanks a lot to the government service that has just proven right all the rumors of lack of efficiency in their services. Due to that, they had to race with the time to get everything done. The flight is supposed to be this Saturday, but it seems that there might be a need to postpone the flight and that would surely cost more money. I just pray that everything would be just fine and they could make it on time.

I'm not sure..we are not sure how we gonna miss our beloved sis. How the thing would go on at my parents' house without my sister leaving only my youngest sister to face every issues and conflicts. I would keep on praying for the best.

I went to Jusco Equine after I finished my work. The road was wet, it was chilling along the way. No Takraw of course. So I just thought it was the best time to spend my Rm70 Jusco voucher. A portion of gift from my colleague. Thanks guys!! My waf of spending a voucher is to buy something that you would be reluctant to buy it with your own money. But this time, I just bought some personal things that I would still buy it even with my own money..Heh!!

1) Nivea for men deodorant Active Fresh. A 50ml roll-on bottle.
2) Nivea for men deodorant Active Fresh. A 150ml spray bottle. I stumble upon it when I was about to leave the section with 2 bottles of the roll-on one. Thought I would give it a try on the spray one. See which one would last longer.
3) Clairol Herbal Essence 300ml shampoo. This costs me Rm16.70. Wow~~~ I just realize it costs that much for a shampoo.
4) Lady's choice peanut butter, 600g bottle.
5) Gardenia bread
6) Nike black socks
7) Byford 2-pairs of black socks

The 7th one was bought because I still have RM 3.90 balance of the voucher. And I would surely take an instant mee pack if I wasn't at the clothes section. Grrr...so, I picked another socks because it costs Rm10 only. So, again, thank you for the voucher. I managed to buy those things. My initial thought was to buy a swimming goggle. But I was not into swimming right now.


Pocket said…
Bro, if u buy a swimming goggle with the 70 ringgit, u'll definitely be getting a good one, but then again having an extra pair of socks also doesnt hurt :D

i never knew they cost so much..
cause i have not much hair to use them for anyway:D heheheh
syah shah said…
shampoo does cost you that much... and can cost you much more if you buy a designer brand cam elseve tu haa... sebotol kecik je dah doblas hengget... blom botol beso...
zella y said…
shampoo mmg mahal...
ada yg rm80.00
Kniedaz said…
hehehe...after this u will notice a lot more things in the groceries dept. (if your cembam cook) pandai la beli brg dapur plak..hehe
HEMY said…
hehehehe..yep..but I don't have time to swim a lot for now...

syahshah : tu le..tgok brand yg tak femes pn mahal tu

zella : baik aku beli helmet drpd shampoo..hehe

kniedaz: yg tu tau gak kniedaz..masak gak sblum ni
Mak Su said…
beli mee segera ngan voucher? sayang... seb bek tak beli... :)

all the best to ur beloved sis
green said…
nnti kawen, ak nak voucher dr ko..