Playing tennis is fun and you get many friends in the process

Lying on my chest waiting for my files to be transferred to my external hard disk. My housemate is kind enough to let me store my pictures in his 1TB disk. Now that I've already have my own,it's time to clear up the space. I have hundreds GB movies. Gonna watch them with my wife, family and kids maybe.Who knows.

Just got back from playing tennis. Tonight I played with some guys who are better than me. They've been playing tennis for years. Albeit of the instructions every now and then on the court during the play to correct my mistakes, I still had a lot of fun during the learning process. I bet I'm gonna be better after every sessions I had with them. And I gain more and more friends in the process.

Definitely I'm not gonna be as good as him. Federer started playing since he was a small boy. Me?? When I was 26 year-old. Ahahahhaa...that's a hell of a gap to be filled.

But the best thing tonight was when one of the senior player thought that I had a coaching session when he saw my strokes. Wow..I admit that made me proud a bit coz I just learn tennis by myself and it's a great motivation to hone my skill better. Mmmuuahhh~~~ Bhasya!!  I can do it.

More and more people are playing tennis now. Courts are booked more often. Thanks to Astro that gives a wide coverage on ATP tournament. It opens a lot of eyes that tennis is not a game for the coporate guys or rich fellows only. Someone even offered to teach me by feeding lots of balls to me. Gonna start with the volley this Friday. Yeahhh~~ So Nyai ku Cembam, don't worry yeah..Laling kat sini baik je..tak ngorat. Usha2 tu ada la..tapi penis Laling tak gatai..laling bertennis bukan main penis taww~~~. Mmuuahhhh~~~

Hei..if you guys used to play tennis but had to hung your racket because you don't have a partner to play anymore, if you happened to live around cyberjaya, Putrajaya and Seri Kembangan area, drop me a call. We could meet up and play tennis together man~~~~
Thanks to TokNabe and Terq91 sebab sudi folow this blog


kenwooi said…
i've never played tennis before =)
joegrimjow said…
have played tennis once here in uk
so, its the 1st and the last
HEMY said…
then try it man..eheheehe

joe, bukan main nak menang pun..hehehe
green said…
reminds me on the 1st time playing tennis, and damn im so tired of picking balls..
HEMY said…
then now main lagi tak ??
Mr PenyuBiru said…
praktis make perfect! hehe..

aku lebih suka main badminton.bleh terbang.hehe
syah shah said…
tennis tak pernah main lagi... tapi dulu kecik-kecik abah aku kasik kitorang main squash kat main hall... heheheheh :D :D
HEMY said…
penyu, aku minat gak kos tggi

syahshah : squash best gak...penah main skali..kalau ada geng aku layan gak rasa
dextrike said…
penah men tenis skalik je.. sampai bukak2 kasut sbb kasut berat sgt... ahhaha, penat wooo kejar bola.. T__T
Coach Nikesh said…
Hi I was an ex malaysian player/international , and now i do coach in cyberjaya at the MMU courts. If you guys are interested to learn and be good at this game, dont hesitate to call me. you can join the group class or have private lessons for better improvement
I love play tennis! For Federal, tennis like his breath!

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