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Fcuk Fuck!!! Where did I put those F**kin keys!!! 

I was thrashing the living room and the sofas. My housemate were helping me as well while sighing. "Heiii..it's so you~~ misplaced every single thing you owned. Not here. All clear".

"Arghhh!!!!. I really think that I've already put them in my bag before I leave the house with my wife coz I remembered asking her to lock the door. Of course that's because I knew that I had the key somewhere in..well, one of the bag".

But the "really think" part is rarely convincing. I just lost my Wardina's (my motorcycle) key and the house key that has just been duplicated for me by my housemate. We just changed the door knob. Arrr~~~ I phoned my mom asking her if by chance she saw my keys with the orange alarm left at my sis's house or inside WanHayati (my car which just recently becomes my dad's).

"Takde. I've searched everywhere.The car, the house. Nothing. Try asking your wife if she might keep it for you"

"I doubt that. She put everything that she kept in front of me so I won't miss them. But I'll ask her anyway. Thanks Mom".

Arrr..Then I texted my wife asking if I forgot to bring out my keys or anything that she kept for me in her Carlo Rino handbag.

"Takdela..you always lost your things. Misplaced it every now and then. Later your mom would say that it's no use having me as your wife, you still lost things. Later you forgot about me". Cembam replied with her serious joke. Damn~~.

So, I just gave up. Rang my friend asking if he still have the spare keys for Wardina. Arranged to meet him at S.Alam. Borrowed my housemate's key to duplicate the house key and I'm back to my ordinary life =p. Well, except for the solex key. Need to chop it off later.

I hung the cloth hangar, I don't know what do you call it. It's the thing where you could hang something. There are 7 hooks on it. I took 2 screws that I found in my room and hung it at the back of the main door. Now all the keys are hung there. I bet I'm not gonna misplace them anymore. Yahh..you bet!!"

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Kniedaz said…
forgot your belongings? sounds like my hubby..always forgot where he put things...annoying when he asked about his car/motor/house's keys when he himself kept it after using it...old men la u guys...!!
~mrs azmi~ said…
hihi... cat tu sangat cute! chomel jek tak boley masuk umah sliding tutup ^_^

aku pun jenih pelupa.. aritu lagi haru lupa nak lock grill umah time nak g keje!
zella y said…
org dh meningkat usia..mmg pelupa hahahhahaha
~0~ said…
manusia mudah lupa..hehehehhe
joegrimjow said…
dah makn tua
macam tu la yang akan terjadi
Mak Su said…
mak aiii, ganaznyer tajuk. so similar to paksu chot, wakakaka, layan jer lah
Mak Su said…
p/s: ignore maksu punyer emel, sudah dapat iteww coding
sharamli said…
kal0 buat2 lupa si cembam tu xpe..jgn lupa bt0l2 suda...
green said…
no wonder u always forgot to drop comment in my blog..


im such young.
and u r such old.

zonaku said…
agreed with the title & also cembam!

mak aku punya versi sopan sket, dia guna 'kepala' x tau la yang mana kannnn
HEMY said…
hehehe..tp cepat lupe ni pemaaf orgnya tau...

green, aku tak lupa letak kumen tau...haa..cuma kadang aku nk post komen sangkut ke apa...haa..yg tu aku lupe nk try lagi..ahahaha

mak su: al...sy baca emel dulu la mak su sblum komen.hehehehe

mak aku mmg rowk..ko kan dh jupe zonaku
CAHAYA said…
things happen. salah letak la tu.
Pocket said…
the next thing that we should be inventing would be a key chain that u can call by a touch of a button.

if the key chain is within 30sq ft,
then it'll ring..

then i'll have about 5 of em, one for:
1) wallet,
2) keys,
3) My Kilang Nametag
4) the USB ThumbDrive
5) The Cat heheheh
Masy said…
errrr aku pon kekadang camtu le. baru seminit td aku pgang, pastu kang da lupe mana aku letak. waaaaaa giler ah tingtong.

tp klu reta org len bole plak aku ingt T_______________T
HEMY said…
cahaya : tp kalau sll bukan happened things dah..hehe

pocket : tuh le..sume benda leh miss call kan...senang citer

masy : ko dok ingat barang orang je??ishy ishy..barang ku jgn diingat2..aku dh berpunya..ahahahha