Weekend di kampung meniarap seperti biasa..

I'm at home. Car pool with my friend Nora. She drove and I sat at the back with her son, Najmi by my side. When Najmi cried and felt uneasy inside his car-seat-cradle (what is the correct way to call it?), I took him inside my hands and he slept again like a rock.

"eehhh?? Dia tidur?"
"selalu dia taknak tau kena pangku...kalau menyusu pun nak baring"
"ehehehe...besa la tu, aku kan Dada dia (well, Dada is the name I use towards my godsons..ekekeke)"

He slept inside my hand from Sungai Buloh till Tanjung Karang before we stopped to pee. I put Najmi back in his car-seat and he slept all the way to my house. I performed my prayer and later I stared putting things into the paper bags that I bought months before with Cembam for my guests' goodies bag. It took around 2 hours to finish with all the bags. One more thing settled!!!

Mom was at my sis' house in Shah Alam last night. So, I had to cook for lunch. Just plucked some kangkung at our backyard and cook Kangkung goreng belacan. Haahaha!!! It's been a while since the last time I ever being in the kitchen cooking something other than instant mee. 

Going to my grandma's house later tonight to distribute some more cards.

P/S : terima kasih pada 2 follower baru saya ; FarahYusri & Hana Devushka


CAHAYA said…
kangkung belacan. bestnya!
HEMY said…
hehehhe...lg best kalu aku yg masak...

sis, nora dok damansara damai ngan kakak ipar dia
Farah Yusri said…
Aduh, kangkung goreng belacan. Sedap!

Macam mana persiapan? Harap-harap lancar, inshaAllah.
HEMY said…
setakat ni alamdulillah farah..lancar je...mesti ko teringat camne persiapan kenduri ko kan??
hana devushka said…
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hana devushka said…
ur welcome..ngee~~

best..kangkung grg blcn...mintak sket..