UU..her tummy is slimmer, her asset is brazenly exposing themselves~~~

Ngeh ngeh..what the heck~~~. My wedding card seems not enough to cover all my friends. I printed 100 copies by just estimating the guest lists without even checking the real list that has been put together during my sis' wedding. After counting here and there, I kinda terrified right now because I don't think I could cover my whole friends if I were to hand them a card each. Ngiyaaaaa~~~~ My first issue for my wedding preparation. Simpang malaikat 44. People say once an issue is encountered, another would follow later. No No No~~~

Apologize in advance if some of you might/have get a shared wedding card of mine. I have to put some names together in one card to make sure every names are covered. I don't wanna get a sulking message saying that I've forgot their names. People say you would miss names of your friends eventually, but I really hope I could cover my whole list of friends. I will try my best!!!

Ok, done with my wedding preparation update~~


I stumbled upon a girl just now. I never knew her and we are not related in any way. I only saw her once in a while when I went to have my lunch at the SME building near to my office. She's tall, wearing a veil and a fit t-shirt where you can see clearly the exact figure of her body, every curves and every attractive parts of her body. She has a nice boobs..uuu~~~~. The last time I saw her, I could see that her tummy looks like a bloated person who just ate a whole tray of a steamboat package. I was saying to myself back then, "owkh...sayangnye..it must be hard to maintain her tummy. Most of girls with big boobs have the same problem".

Lebih kurang camni le pakaian dia. Eh, tak kisah la nk pakai..tp jangan kisah la kami pandang..uhh~~~
Haaa..don't blame me for looking and talking to myself in such ecchi way yah. It's not entirely my fault OK. I was born with the desire to look, but the way she dress is so attracting the eyes of the surroundings plus with her asset. Am I the one to be blamed?? 

Her tummy looks slimmer today. Yep, way slimmer than the day I last saw it. She still wears the same attire, a very fit t-shirt, I could even guess how deep her navel is!!! Ahahaha..And I could also see that I'm not the only one eyeing~~~ Most of the guys would stare and enjoy the scenery and whispering to others right after the girl vanished from their sight. 

What is my point?? Good job girl. You are way sexier now!!!~~ Clap clap!!! Ahahahahahaha~~~ A lagho entry for today.


Jard The Great said…
ah.. tak sabar mo kawen la tu
HEMY said…
kih kih...kalau tak mo kawen pn still tgok camtu jugeee
~0~ said…
pakaian cerminkan identiti...btol ke???

Jard ko bila lagi??hehehe
Mak Su said…
jelesnyer maksu, maksu tak ada t-shirt macam tu. semua nya besar gedabak cover cover...habis tu, how to show dot dot dot?

hoh, tak leh jadik...gua kena pegi beli t-shirt macam tu...azam, azam, caiyuk caiyuk
HEMY said…
tak juga kadang en kosong. sbb kadang org tu just teringin nk seksi dsb nya.

zella, org bg tgok...kami tgok le

mak su, leh je mak su..beli satu..pakai depan pak su..fuh..tak jadi gi keje beliau
joegrimjow said…
bigger boobs
tighter shirt
CAHAYA said…
teruk kes ko ni dah!
moment said…

ok2.. paham~
HEMY said…
Joe :yeahhh

cahaya : aku memantau je cahaya..aku perasan apa perubahan dia..penat dia wat something utk perut dia tu

moment : ekekekekeke