No Sweat!

Sweat is not's salty!!! And it's not sweet of you to sweat every single time. Sweat is not something that you could brag about. It's not something that you could proud of. It's the other way around. But, maybe~~~ maybe if sweat is not equal to body odour. Yah!! If sweat is not equal to body odour, won't that be awesome!! Don't you agree??? But of course, God created us in such a way because of a reason. Never ask something that you don't really know of the consequences!! Zipped my mouth!!

Some people sweat a lot..I mean a lot!! I've watched a TV Show where the host invited a group of people who sweating problem where they would easily sweat even by just sitting there and placed their hands on the sofa. You could see the spot where they placed their hand 5 seconds ago is already had a wet mark on it. Yep, just like that!! They even had to undergo a surgery to remove/cut some of their errrr...I forgot what did they call it. It's something in your body that creates the sweat. Yup, they had to remove it by surgery to make the sweating problem gone. It is that serious!!

So, for a normal people like us that would sweat after we ran 100 meters trying to catch up the bus, or because of the disfunctional air-conditioner of the train you were on or after you played in the evening, there's something that could reduce the sweating and makes your daily life much better and way fresher!!! Introducing one of the newest product from Adidas Action 3. FRESH!!!!

Your armpit/underarm would feel drier, fresher and it would boost up your confidence. You can read it yourself;

1. 24H Anti-Perspirant/Anti-Transpirant
2. Anti-Odour/Anti-Odeur
3. Active Absorbent Complex

Ah, there's more, Anti-Whitening and Anti-Traces blanches. See!!! There are 4 got to try it dude!!!! Who knows it might be the best solution for you~~~. Feeling fresh like when you just finished your bath..I like that!!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at


green said…
org br kawen kn pakai bnyk2..
ak da wangi
HEMY said…
kih kot..nnt la beli satu
sharamli said…
s0k0ng green..
bial kit0rang nak dapat anak buah?teettt
Anonymous said…
weh anul..ko jadi duta tuk produk adidas ker skang?..masyuukkk! heheheh