My Brother in law is an Ozy~~ Hope to visit them once in a while~~

Woke up at 5A.M this morning. It's all because of my love towards my wife..nyiahahahaha.nyampah siut ayat. Well, remember I was at my in-law's? We decided to go back to Kemaman this morning rather than leaving the in-law's yesterday afternoon. We want to spend more time there. So, that's the reason of the early wake-up call. Need to drive straight to my wife's school.

Then, my wife's housemate is alone in the house, the other one was not yet arrived from her hometown. Hence, I need to be out of the house till her housemate leave to school. And here I am surfing using the borrowed C Broadband (borrowed it from my sister in-law and need to return it to her before hitting the highway home later this afternoon) surfing at a Mamak restaurant called AL BAIK..ekeke. Hopefully they would baik hatily let me use the power.

It's a very convenient thing though to have mobile broadband access. But I've terminated mine months ago due to the very bastard level of connection.

Ok, back to the topic. Everyone has already knew that my sister married to an Ozy guy last November huh. Well, Osman (my bro in-law) is now in KL. He arrived here on 18th March to attend my wedding and to hopefully bring my sister to Brisbane and start their married life there together. They have been spending a lot of money to make this happened. Apart of the lack of efficiency shown by the government staff whom my sister was dealing with that took the process from December till now, it seems the time has finally come.

The feeling of missing her awfully has already started to blossomed bit by bit in my heart. Of course I'm gonna miss my sister. The one who has done so many things, so many sacrifices to us, the whole family and particularly to each one of her siblings and the one who has been making sure of our happiness and our better livelihood. How can we repay her good deeds? I prayed everytime the fact that she would be leaving us struck into my mind for her happiness there. Hopefully she would be living happily with Osman and lead their marriage life with a joyful laughter.

Please pray for their happiness. Pray for my sis' happiness after all her suffering she has gone through on her land of starngers.



may Allah bless her~

and she found truly blast happiness..

P/S : I guess I was damn late, but still wanna wish u my big bro, selamat pengantin baru! i was freaking stupid because let myself been grounded by my parent - and I can't attend any events included your wedding.

Anyway, dapatkan anak cepat2~
HEMY said…
zonaku n sharamli : thanks

zara : ko kena grounded??kih kih..takpela lambat pn asalkan ingat
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
ho yeah!! thanx...

akhirnya dpt gak aku komen.. pc kat opis tu kena tggu esok.. hrp2 boleh view n komen ;D


selamat utk kakak ko... n utk ko skli


jelesssssssssss... ni yg teringin nak kawin gak ni..
HEMY said…
kih kih...that's a good news. Ko leh view n kumen dah ah??

nice...thanks for the wishes
syah shah said…
Aminnn atas doa itu... :D :D
Mak Su said…
selamat berbahagia to your sister