kenangan lalu

Just woke up. Poured the tea made by my wife, a piece of the bread and started typing this. Heee. After the school ended today, we gonna kick off to my Cembam's hometown. One of her uncle has already invited us to have lunch at his place tomorrow.

The other pictures are still under progress. I managed to get the 3 versions previously published because I was editting them piece by piece while doing the chores at home. The reception pictures are not yet finished. Ah, by the way, may I ask something? You see, it's kinda hard to copy and paste the URL of each of the pictures to put them in this blog. Are you OK if I put some here and then you can browse the rest in my flickr. The link is at every click of the pictures anyway. Would that be OK?

a) it's ok. I can browse the rest in your flickr. You have linked the pictures to it and you have also put it in the menu link up there. It''s cool.
b) Errr...It's very slow to access flickr from my computer. I'm not even authorised to access it. I like it better here.

Any would be fine. Just some extra effort for the second one. Hehehhehehe. Ok, the picture above, treat is as a spoiler. That's the picture from my sis' photographer. A friend of mine as well. My sis has already published it in the facebook. I put it here is not because of the picture, but because one of the comment put by my uncle.

Azs Soher Sungguh cepat masa berlalu...dulu masa kecil ku dukung n timang mereka sekarang orang lain 'dukung' pulak.............

Hasnul Efendi Md Yusof sy tak kena dukung mendukung...tu le..dh besar dh..dulu dok basuh moto nk dpat duit beli jajan..ekekeke

Azs Soher suatu masa yang x akan kembali.........tinggal memori...teringat masa kita serba daif...sekarang ini 200% keadaan sudah berubah...Allah dah tunjukkan ke EsaNya.... 
We are used to calling him Paman Baidi. Paman is the jawa version of uncle. Paman Baidi is my mom's 2nd youngest sibling. He works in Penang since we were kids till now. When he was still single, he would play with us at our grandma's house. He would asked me to join him chasing the goats to the field across the road in front of grandma's house. 

Lalangnya (what is lalang in english?) is so tall. It was as tall as me. I would chase the goats and then disappeared inside the lalang. Paman would play with me by finding me. "Aku nampak ko Senol..kuar kuar". There was also time when he made his own bow and arrow. He cut the old motorcycle tyre to be the string, he sharpened his arrow made by bamboo and when he launched it to the coconut tree, the arrow stuck in it. Wowwww~~~ I was amazed at that time. "Robin Hood!!!".
me, once upon a time 
My uncle and his nephews. Can you spot me??

I would also remember at a very early morning, my uncle and the youngest auntie would whispered to my mom when we were sleeping while kissing my mom's hand, "Yuk Nah (Kak Nah), saya pergi sekolah dulu ye". Then my uncle would cycle the old bicycle with his sister to the school which is quite far from grandma's house. I've been there once. 

When he started working at Penang, he bought himself an RXZ. He would visit us once in a while. And his most popular quote would be, "haaaa..sapa nak duit, basuh moto paman!!!". So, we would washed his bike with a gleeful feeling and we'll be reward with some penny to buy our favourite jajan. An old memory that would never return like my uncle quoted up there. But it would remain in my head and my heart as long as my age would permit it.


Mak Su said…
layan memori lama, sambil tengok gambar lama, syahdu :)
Mr PenyuBiru said…
aku ingat ko buat gambar klon tadi,rupanya 2 kapel yg berlainan.

berani budak² tu berebut air kelapa, tak nampak ke ade parang tu.hihi..

p/s : ok jer tweet this ko tu. ke ko dah fix kan.hihi
~0~ said…
kenangan yang xkan kita lupakan
kEy said…
dulu2 xde kamera nak tgk balik p0n dah xleh, lagi sdey~ hoho
HEMY said…
mak su : =]

penyu : aku tukar ke bawah aku nye project alpha badge tu ok plak

~0~ : yep..selagi tak nyanyuk..tak lupe

key : hehe...tak ingat plak dari kamera mana gambar2 alhamdulillah ada..
~wAniE~ said…
SUKA TGOK GMBR KAWEN KO...rugi ak x dtg kn???
HEMY said…
mmg rugi..hehehe
syah shah said…
aku tak kisah... takde gambar pun ok... janji boleh baca... heheheheh :D :D
joegrimjow said…
ku suka gambar tengah tu!
sharamli said…
yg pakai baju putih kat blekang tu kan?
nampak mata n mulut sikit2 iras2..
zonaku said…
ko y tersorok tu kan????

as i said, don't mind.... mana2 pun blh
HEMY said…
syahshah : ekekekeke..baik

joe : gambar lama tu

sharamli : betulll

zonaku : tersorok yg nmpk rambut je tu??salahhhh