My Big Day - ver. 3.0

Ok, due to some warm responses of my friends a.k.a my blog reader, I'm gonna put the pictures here instead of linking it to my other blog. And suddenly I felt like to blog in english for this version. Ok, this is gonna be the last version for my solemnization event pictures. 

Right after the akad ended, we took pictures with my family. Cembam's family was too busy with the guests and the errands so we didn't get the chance to have a family picture together. Before we came to Seberang Takir, we have already discussed among our family that it would be the best time to take pictures of our family there because when it comes to our own place, everyone would be busy..soo busy till we are not gonna get the chance to have one. We learnt that from my sister's wedding day. 

So couples out there, maybe you can try my approach if you are not gonna use catering and your family would be welcoming the guests all the time during your kenduri. Take more family pictures during your partner's wedding day. I mean "belah pasangan korang". Above is my uncle's family from Taiping. He was waiting for an hour at Temerloh RnR. Thanks Paman. I really appreciate it.

Just married

When my family was having their light meal (not that light because most of them attacked the rice and the lunch meal instead of the light one provided..keke), I took the opportunity to have a photo session in the room.

forehead kiss

Solemnization 3

Sanding event is planned to be held at 2 P.M. That's why we could get plenty of time to do the bedroom shoot while waiting for the Mak Andam to come.

This shot was done so many times. Cembam was not that passionate to kiss me =[. But I assume that she's just so shy. Ekekekeke. (apart of the fact that after we are married, I'm the one who always kiss her..ekekeke...she's shy, yes she's shy..ekekeke)

catriona ross ku

My family took off and got back to the homestay after they have already full. My uncle asked for permission to head home because he had some other thing the next day. So, we walked his family out and asked my sister to pick me up after we finished with the bedroom shoot = the mak adam has arrived.

When I walked out of the house, it didn't really feel awkward you see. I didn't get these looks from the guests like "what the hell is the groom doing here?" or "basi dah, I've already saw the groom". So I just got picked up by my sister, went to the homestay and prepared for the sanding (someone help me. What do you call sanding in english??)

End of my solemnization pictures =]


zella y said…
so sweet la pic yg pertama tu...
aku suka!! hahahha

owh..nk tunjukkan kekuatan ye...hahhaha
~0~ said… aku
~mrs azmi~ said…
just call 'reception' ceremonyla for 'sanding'

same ke?? hahaha!
Mak Su said…
ewah ewah ewah :)
Kniedaz said…
wah..cumel jek gambar kat bilik tu...
HEMY said…
zella : takde la nk tnjuk moment angkat wife ni best..kena buat..nnt dh gemok takleh angkat dah..ahahahaha

~0~ ; jgn tunggu lama2 sifar...kos kawin makin tinggi tiap tahun

mrs azmi : ooo...yg tu juga ke perkataan dia..

mak su : ehehehehe

kniedaz : thanks
*~ aRaBeLLa ~* said…
haaa baru aku perasan tang yg ko kate cembam cam catriona ross tu tang mata dia ...betui tak?
sharamli said…
gamb0 yg sec0nd tu np ad ke ke kanan...hik3
tapi c0mel...
CAHAYA said…
nice pics. eh, sapa ambilkan gambar korang.
joegrimjow said…
very very very like
zonaku said…
aku suka sumer pics except y ke4. ikhlas, sort of scary
HEMY said…
arabella, bentuk muka dan mata tu mmg ada skit la cam catriona ross..ehehehe

sharamli : fotografer aku tak susun...asalkan terang gambar tu, tau la aku edit kasi cantik

cahaya : kawan aku. geng2 simbolique dulu

joe : thanks
HEMY said…
zonaku : tu editting ala2 gothic gitu..hehehe
ada said…
cantik.. congratulation for both of you..., mmg padan,.
syah shah said…
Santek santek santek santek nyaaaaa~~~~

err... dah angkat-angkat macam tak sesabo je nak terjun atas katil tu?? Muahahahahahah :P :P :P :P :P
Pocket said…
cantit cantit nya gambo diorang!!
pocket suka!
pocket suka!

mamat yg duk belakang tu besilat yek?
(third pic)
baincardin said…
Support Earth Hour! yay! ^_^
HEMY said…
thanks ada

syah shah : ekekee..itu saje bikin gempak je..huhu

pocket : mekasih pocket..blkg tu saja wat gaya pose pose masa ni

baincardin : will do insyaAllah
dextrike said…
aishhh, jaga kak cembam baik2 ye.. ;)