I Just Love Good Smelling People

Every morning when I was walking towards the elevator or going into my office, A nice smell would always catch my attention. It would usually come from a female colleague. I like the feminine smell more than the masculine one. Yeah, I know..that's because I'm a guy and it's normal to be attracted to the opposite gender's attraction. But what would you say if told you that I would also prefer to buy a feminine smell for myself rather than a masculine one??

I like people regardless of their genders with a fresh smell. A smell like you just finished your bath. A smell which is more like a shower gel rather than a common perfume smell. I prefer a soft and light smell that would usually used by women of course. 

A good smelling people sometimes looks so confident. With their neatly ironed clothes and their wet-look hairs. For a women, it's a bonus if they have a straight hair that dance in the air everytime they were walking with a nice smell. Sometimes I feel like I want to grab their hair and smell it to my heart content. So, you can imagine how I feel everytime a women with a nice smell was standing right before me. I need my whole strength to hold myself from doing something stupid =p!!

I bet we have our own experience having friends or colleagues with a bad smell haven't we? A smell where you can't bear with it that force you to hold your breath while being around him. It's always a big dilemma whether to tell the person the fact that he/she is so smelly right? Sometimes when we concern about our friends, it also means that we need to bear with his/her smell when we are too concern to let them know about it. We always think on how he/she would react. It's a curse!!!

We can't really tell that we smell like shit because we are so used to our own smell. Sometimes you need to sniff your own armpit to decide whether you need a bath or not right??Hahahaha!!! don't deny it suckers!!!. So, just be grateful if you are surrounded by good smelling people in your daily life.

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joegrimjow said…
apsal ku xdijemput pon?
zonaku said…
bahaya la kalau cmni....

eh lupa, aku still majuk
HEMY said…
joe : apa yg tak dijemput ni joe???kenduri kawin ku kah??aku jemput kan sume..hehehe..mai la pakai baju sejuk tebal2..sini musim salji

zonaku : apa plak yg bahaya nyeee???
CAHAYA said…
aku suka orang wangi jugak. sakit jiwa aku kalau orang tu x reti/x penah dgr deodorant.
syah shah said…
bekerja dengan colleagues semuanya lelaki... pehh... macam-macam bau ada oooo... hahahahahah :P :P

aku tak pernah plak sampai nak kena cium ketiak nak make sure kena mandi or not... asal udah berpeluh sikit, dah memang dan-dan rasa nak mandi... hihihihihih :D :D
HEMY said…
cahaya : hahaha..ada ke yg suke orang busuk

syahshah : kih kih...pompuan pn kalau dh berbau..pergh...lg dasat orrrrr