My Date Night

A date, or in Malaysian's tongue, it's commonly called Dating. Who doesn't like Dating? Well, unless you really hate your partner, or you prefer to have illegal sex with your partner inside your rented room rather than spending money to have a leisurely time with him/her. Up to you. But for most people who is in love, they like it so much. 

It's like a moment that you won't trade it for money (if it reaches thousands, maybe..=p). A moment where you could see you partner's face for the whole day (this too depending on how long your date took place) and share with them your story, your meal, going here and there together and feel so blissed!! 

My most memorable date would be..Hmmm..let's see. I've been going out with 5 different girls who used to be my girlfriends. Well, 4 of them. The other one?? happened that she's destined to be my ever after couple/partner that would accompany me throughout my life (insyaAllah). My one and beloved wife. We just married 2 weeks ago!!

Ok, the most memorable date I've had was when we went out on date one day. It's just a usual date like the others we've had. We went to watch a movie, we talked and laughed sharing things that happened lately, about our family about how idiot my colleague could be bla bla bla. Without we even realized, we were crossing the road. You know the road in front of the LRT Bandaraya station? Yep the one from DBKL straight to the LRT Jalan Sultan Ismail?

The traffic was very busy. Cars, lorries and buses were speeding on the road we were about to crossed. And as a common Malaysian, we didn't bother to cross it at the designated area where you can punched the button so the light would turned green for you to cross..=]. 

I hold my wife's hand and asked her to walk with me to cross the road. It's a very necessary thing you see to hold her hand. It was a really busy evening. We managed to cross one lane when a guy who was driving the car stopped and waived to us "go go". But when we tried to cross another lane, I could see the cars were so fast. At that brief moment, impulsively I decided to turn back. I ran-ran-kid (berlari2 anak) back to where we waited our turn to cross.

Buttt~~~~ My wife's hand slipped away from my hand when I was running back. Maybe she wasn't ready and didn't really know that we were turning back. So there she was left alone standing in front of the car that kindly stop gave us way before. Ahahahahaha!!!! I was like "Cembam, come here. Come back!! and waived at her". She was back to her senses and walked slowly towards me. 

"Jahat arrrr tinggal aku!! (how dare you left me!!)"
"Your hand slipped!!~~ Ahahahahahahahaha!!!!"
"You are so not the type of sehidup semati (live and die together)"
"Of course. Its gonna be a waste if one of us followed after one of us died!!!"

The guy and his partner who were in the car were laughing at us. Ekekekekke~~~ Well, maybe that is the real meaning of love - Once you found out that you were stranded alone, just go back to your loved one. Ekekekeke. 


Well, hopefully I would get the change to have a pair of tickets to watch this movie with the most memorable date I've shared with you here..hehehehe.

Oh, forgot to mention. I change the coding of this poster a bit. But the same URL is put. I don't know. Using the one given by Nuffnang, the picture wasn't showed up. Hope it's fine and not gonna be thwarting my chance to win the ticket..=]


Mr PenyuBiru said…
wah! ade harapan dapat tiket free ni! hehe
syah shah said…
heheheh dah kawen pon maseh aku-kau kaa??