Best bits of Project Alpha Season 1

As a nuffnagers, you should have known about Project Alpha. I heard about it from Jojo herself. It's a fact!! Believe it!! She was telling me about it with so much passion in her eyes while holding my hand so tight. Well, that's before she turned into a cotton candy when I was about to kiss her, then everything was a mess, a rainbow came out of her eyes and I just woke up from my sleep. =p

Project Alpha features some of the Malaysian Top Bloggers which you could stream it online as they would be an exclusive videos of each of them. Each of the video would reveal how their real-life, what they do apart of being a blogger sharing things they encountered in their daily life.

The featured bloggers in the first season Project Alpha were;

Beautiful Nara

See, their names are just the same and as common as us. It's a sign that one day, your own common name might be the one advertised in every nuffnangers blogs throughout the entire blogging world!!!! Ekekekeke!!!

Owkh, the host for the show...owww..come on!!! I've already gave you the hint. Of course my beloved ex-wife Jojo Stryus!!!~~~~~ Oh..I'm not gonna show her face here~~~~. I can't contain my jealousy for every eyes who stared on her if I put her picture. The new Project Alpha Season 2 is going to start on 19th of April. Where??!! You wanna know more, you can check it out yourself. Go!! Go!! Go!! 

 To get the latest update of  the new season 2 Project Alpha, be a fan in the facebook. Just click the icon below there;

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


I heart Red Mummy so much!

..and Jojo is so cute!
sharamli said…
mungkin nama kamo0 p0n b0leh naek nnt..hu3
HEMY said…
I've never planned to be famous when i start blogging...=]
Masy said…
aku tak paham amende projek ni sebenarnye. sile terangkan. hehe
Mak Su said…
wow.....glem, glem. blink blink
Kniedaz said…
mmm...xpela akak jadi blogger biasa2 with my own followers (ade ke yg nak follow) with our world full of words...
HEMY said…
mak su : ekekeke..glem le sgt

masy : ko tk pham ke pas tak ckup informasi la entri ku ini...

kniedaz : hehhe..kalau tgh takde idea tp nk menaip..guna gak benda2 ni utk dikarutkan