Need to earn more moneyyyyy~~~~~

I withdrawn RM2K this morning, but nothing left even before 5 P.M. Hahaha~~~ Damn. We work so hard everyday to earn some money to be part of the community, living our life as a normal citizen yet that hard earned money would vanish without we even notice. Huuu~~~ Money would never enough huh??

I've already paid the boutique, my car, my credit card, my mom and the tents that would be used for my wedding ceremony. The only thing left is distributing the cards and the raw material needed for the guests' dishes.

Ok, enough with my wedding update.


The whole family was watching the TV3 drama just now and how a village girl stood tall and persistently trying to get the justice after she was raped by the most influential person in her village. Her parents didn't believe her when she reported about the tragedy to her parents right after that. The villagers were against her. But she still stood on her feet and keep on getting to the devil old man for her piece of justice. At the end, one of the guy who worked for the old man changed side and convinced the villagers about the truth. Justice won still. It's somewhat typical with some scenes that irritated us on how the girl didn't think carefully of what she were about to do. But the real life, this kind of shit is really happening.

Now I am playing cards with my siblings. We are playing royale with my 13-year old sister also playing with us trying to learn the rule and the tricks to least another curricular skill to be put in her academic profile card???akakakaka!!!!

I am planning to get serious in my part time photography career. I'm going to design my own name card to be distributed to some of the boutiques here to get more clients to get to know my service, my products and my art. I'm sure clients from these boutique would be charged for certain amount for every one referred to me. But at least I have something to do rather than nothing.

I didn't plan to get serious in this wedding photography  because I want to have my own activity during the weekend rather than spending every weekend taking pictures and designing the album for the whole weekdays with my not-that-fast laptop courtesy of my company's. Huhu..but now I'm gonna be married and I need these extra bucks to support my financial state.
So, as you all supposed to know (at least). My service is open as it always has. Just ring me yah, and I doubt you would regret having me as your photographer. Hehehe =]. You can browse my artwork in Efendism. You can click the Efendism Menu up there or on my sidebar.


CAHAYA said…
Duit gaji aku dah abis ngam2 hari yang sama. Now cukup2 makan aku sampai hujung bulan.
joegrimjow said…
herbalife bro

we do someting that 'suit' us is really fun
not all the things that 'suit' us will make money for us

ayat bisnes gile kot
sharamli said…
cam nyampah je tgk fasha belak0n..ha3
zella said…
duit gaji dh habis...
lmbt lg nk gaji....