Why I like it longer

Masy and Toby are a newly married couple. After 3 years of love journey filled with sulking, tears, laughter and all other emotions known to the human being, they decided to tie the knot and moved into their 30year-installment-semi-D around KL area. Well, old people say that once you are married, it's when the real behaviors of the both of the couple would be fully unleashed!! They are damn right. This is where the story begins.

One night, when Masy and Toby were making out, Masy was praising Toby with a gleeful glimmering on her face.

"Wow Hon~~~~ That's why I like it longer~~~"
"Damn right cupcake. I know you would like it. Thanks to 'produk orang kampung'!!"

Ihik ihik..they both did their thing till they exhausted. While lying side to side on the bed gasping for some air, Masy suggested something

"Hon, could you please grow your hair longer. Like those Korean actors. Please~~~. Your working place allows their employees to have long hair right??"
"Hmm Hmm..now the hair??"
"Yeah..I like it longer..Those neighbors would be gossiping..uh la la~~~ They would say my hubby looks like F4 guys!!!"
"Ok..for you cupcake. I'll grow it longer. Errr..the one below??"
"Owkh..that one, just keep it as it is"

Masy likes everything longer. Longer time in the shower, longer knife when she's in the kitchen cooking, longer cable for her vacuum cleaner so she can suck out every dust in the living room while the plug is upstairs. She was longing to have a limousine coz it's wayyy longer that their Myvi. She likes longer dining table eventhough they don't have kids left. She said, "it's for the guests". Well, she's a longer longing person~~

She loves to blog. She would write about her married life, how a dog just pooped on her front yard and the dog ended up 'coloured' as she shot the dog with her paintball marker from inside the house. She even blog using her handphone but always dissatisfied with the small screen.

"arghhh!!! Hon~~~ I need to scroll every now and then..it's irritaytiengggg~~~ Don't they have a better technology out there???"
"That's why they invented PDA"
"That's old skewwllll~~~"

That's when the fate brought her a miracle when she saw an advertisement from the magazine she read one day while lying on her long sofa.

"Owww dear Honnn~~~~ Come here come here quick!!!!!!"
"what cupcake??", Toby came to get his wife who is already jumping up and down bouncing her assets on the sofa.
"Here here!! Brand new LG Chocolate Phone..err..model BL40!!~~"
"Let me see"

They both browsed through the article reading the whole specification of the phone. The extra functions provided and starting to admiring it.

"GOsh!! Hon!!! Look!! You can display your webpage in a full view. I don't need to scroooollll~~~~~"
"Yeah..and the design is so stylishhh cupcake. It's not that old skewl like you always grunt whenever I suggested you some other handphone"
"Yeahhh~~~ Oh, Hon..please~~~. Let me have one. I'll do whatever you want for a month!!"
"For a month??Are you sure?? Anything???~~~"
"what a coincidence~~". Toby pulled out something from the paper bag he hold since he sat next to his wife
"what is the school uniform for?? skirt uniform??Hon~~we don't have kid yet and it won't be a teenager right after I deliver her~~", Masy was playing innocent
"yepp..but you can fit it in~~~~grrrr~~~ Can we start the one-month-do-as-I-like thing now??"
"Hon~~~you naughty bear~~~"

"Let's go inside our room. It's air conditioned..ehehehe"
"I'll obey headmasterrrr~~~"

They were hugging and smooching all the way to the bedroom.

"Err..hon...the LG chocolate phone or my dildies..which is longer??~~"
"of course your dildies HOn~~~"
"Ouch..easy cupcake..It wont get longer like that~~~"

It seems the brand new LG Chocolate Phone has brought a bliss in their married life. The longer it is the better for the whole world~~~


sumer nak longer2 je..
Erina Asmawani said…
ok..pengsan aku baca entry ni..hahaha..btw, fun entry la..masy & toby??adeh..adeh..sambung pengsan jap..hopefully ko menang bro, ley terus buat hantaran kawen nanti ;)
zonaku said…
*terkedu aku seketika*
Masy said…
aku sebagai watak utama terpengsan2 sebanyak 3 jumaat. hahahahah siot betoiii
syah shah said…
owh tidakkk~~ Ko dah menjurus macam luffy... *Pingsan lima menet*

By the way, good luck haa?? Mueheheheheh :D :D
Anonymous said…
oit syah2... nama aku plak yg tercemar yer
bEEdLE d' bARd said…
haha. gile den membaca nyer...iskh3x...
Pocket said…
how i like this post:D
they just said that its suppose to be creative,
they simply put the title to have double meaning,
its about time someone have the courage to post something like u did :)

hope u win bro!!

i wonder why my thinking hats is not working.
baincardin said…
hehee..."the one below?" huhuu....^_^'
HEMY said…
mana pi kumen aku?? Demmmm

Thanks sume yg mendoakan agar aku leh menang..ekekekeke. semoga tuah masy menyebelahi aku..

ahaaha..luffy, ko tau skang syahshah anggap ko camne..nyiahahahaha.

Pocket, I just wonder if the jurors might found it boring as they might have get a lot of submission with this kind of creativity. I just hope I would win based on narration and my dialogue

baincardin, hahaha.the one below, make it shorter
syah shah said…
Well, I guess guys just can't be helped... Memang GATAI tak habeh... Muahahahahah :P :P :P
HEMY said…
ceh..kenyataan mu itu mengundang kegatalan..ahaha..pompuan pun gatal..tp malu2 nk tulis camni..ahahaha
Anonymous said…
deeemmmnn.....hahaha..makin notii betul ko skang ek nul...neway dis is very2 interesting one!! gudluck bro ;)
HEMY said…
thanks kurzz..kot la rezeki notty