Simple weekend mostly on my chest~~~

Ergghh~~~ Sebel wes meripatku gawe kerjan koro gambar batir ku ki...Huuuhh~~~~(Translation : My eyes were already itching doing my designing for my friends' pictures). It's time for a break and time for my new entry. Hehehe..Thanks to those who have voted for me for the Foto Chenta suci contest. I've just visited the website just now and it seems my number is not the one that keep on appearing in the comments. Hmm..thanks anyway. You can actually put the vote by using link n name only for numerous votes..but, who cares. It's just for fun, grateful if I win and at least a new entry if I don't. Right??

Yeah, this is one of my latest editing. I'm still looking on any tutorial online or at least a bit of a hint on how Rarindra editted all of his photos. He creates miracles by his editing art. Many people out there were asking how he actually do it and of course this kind of art, you can't expect the creator would share it with the likes of us..hehe. It's not gonna be unique anymore if everyone knows how it was done right?? oh, just google Rarindra if you want to see his art. I'm not gonna put it here..ekekeke

Last 2 nights, when I was watching astro and attending my photos at the same time, a crumbling sound came form my room. When I checked, there it old gobok (wardrobe), paper canvas cupboard to be precise has already succumbed in my bedroom. It was given by my ex-colleague when I was working at Vads.  That would be 3 years ago. And the gobok is used by my friend during her college days. So, if I wanna guess, the age of the gobok is should be around 5 years..ahaha!! It's time to squeeze the pocket and buy a new one with the money coming out from it..Urghhh~~~

I thought of buying a wooden and decent one as I'm gonna get married anyway soon. But, it's gonna be hard during the relocation/move to my new house (which surely not yet bought or rented and not even, searched..). So, I decided to buy the same canvas wardrobe. At least I have spare parts for it..hehe.


Aidi-Safuan said…
nice lighting!
good 1!
moment said…
ko edit atau mmg real pny matahari?
Erina Asmawani said…
waaa...sinar kebahagian terpancar..terer ar ko edit bro..ajar aku..