I’m a Tooth Fairy..

Yes. I'm a tooth fairy. Let us skip on the detail how I was chosen to be one. Definitely you need an impressive CV to begin with. As a tooth fairy, my work begins at night. I would brush my teeth, read the newspaper while attending to my white silky wings. I like my wings clean everytime coz it's important to the kids I about to visit everynight. I don't want to taint their fairy image with someone with a lousy pair of wings, stain here and there. That's not faiool ok!! (Faiool is the 'cool' word among us fairies)

When the midnight approaches, I would start browsing through my list of kids for the night. I'll start flapping my wings and up up I go~~. Well, you see dealing with kids is always special but it could turn out to be ugly too. So, for the ugly version, I would always have my own gadget - The Tranquilizer!!

Once I'm almost reaching these kids' house, I would turn my Flap-Silencer ON. I don't want my flapping wings to awake their parents or their dogs. And the other gadget I would always use during my job is The Scent-Removal Watch. Using this watch, I could activate the scent-removal function to avoid being noticed by any of the kids' dogs!! Hehe~~

I would then entered their room slowly and wake the kids up. I would ask  for their baby tooth and hand them gold coins in return. Well, you always get to see some ill-mannered kids that would ask more and started to curse you with those bad words. This is where The Tranquilizer comes into the picture =]. I would just jab them and they would just pass out till the next morning..Hahaha!! Fairies have feelings too!! They cursed me?? They gonna pay for that as well. But in this case, I won't pay it with gold coins or money..Hahaha!!

The last but not least, I would bring out my IPhone at the end of my job. I would take pictures with these kids, the well-behaved ones of course and then I would connect my IPhone with my Easy-Printer and print our pictures. I would give these kids the pictures as a prove. Well, you know..their parents would not believe of my visit would they? So by showing them these pictures, their parents would be in awe!! Hahahaha!!! Oh, of course my face would just be a glimmer of light. They would just see a part of my body and my white silky wings. Now you know why I really care about my wings...=]


This is just one of imaginary entry to grab the free tickets, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Malaysia for the special screening of The ROCK new movie - Tooth Fairy. Open for all Nuffnang glitteratie bloggers, you can post a comment on the entry or doubled up your chance by writing this kind of entry. Why wait?? Join now!!


Erina Asmawani said…
aku nak mesin pertukaran..kiranya kalo dapat gigi budak2 tu, bubuh dalam mesin tu..kuar duit..amount duit base on kebersihan gigi tu, kalo bersih dapat banyakkkk gile duit, kalo gigi kotoq dapat sikit je..tapi duit tu aku punya lah..haha..imaginative tak aku ;p
~0~ said…
heheh...good luck bro..
HEMY said…
Nikel Khor : thanks babe

Ohmalaysia : ekekeke

Erina : join la contest..leh lepak tgok wayang sama2

~0~ : thanks
Anonymous said…
pape nti blanje aku~
Masy said…
aku tunggu ko menang je. lalalalala~
HEMY said…
ayu : dpt tiket je..bukan duit..camne nk banje

masy : ehehehehe

akukahmilikmu : bukan dapat duittt
Mak Su said…
mana skirt anul? tak pakai skirt pun....

errr, gigi maksu nak tak? hihihih

all the best!
joegrimjow said…
boley menang ni!
HEMY said…
Mak Su : maleh nk wat gambar len..amek gambar yg ada je

joe : harapnyeee