comel aku ni tauuu~~~~

Ok~~~ we'll see next and what's the court order regarding the use of the name of Allah for other religion's god. Despite the doubt in each of our heart, let us give the chance to the government to control this issue. And please to all my fellow muslims, please don't do such ruckus and violence because it would give a bad image on our sacred Islam.

I learn a few things by just posting up my previous entry just to update my blog. Some might say I'm so angry by reading the entry. Hehehe..after all words cannot deliver the emotion sometimes. And for Mr Topex, your view is considerable as well. The god, Allah is just the only ONE. It's a good thing in a way if other religions start using Allah for their god. But this 'good thing' is soo small to compare with the 'bad things' that come along with it. Tapi ayat quran tu cek balik ek...bahaya tau..mudah kita ni nk terpesong kalau main bedal. That's why I prefer throwing my thought as just a thought that people can comment it's right or wrong rather than backing it up with hadis or quran.


Dah dah..Now, totally different thing. Managed to upload another nostalgic moment of my childhood;

us when we were soooo young

Hehehe..yep that's me!! The most happy one..and cheeky too. That was my beloved auntie. The one who gave me my name. The one on her lap is my sister, now studying in UPM and the other boy that was looking at me, jealous is my atma brother. ehehehe. The other boy is my niece. The one on the right wearing songkok is my dad. The one pulling out her tongue was (Should I use was or is??confused) my grandma. Tgh melatah la tu. With my grandpa and my auntie...ahhh~~~ so memorable.

I think it was taken during Hari Raya. It's always a blast!!! I'm the eldest grandchild so most of the time the rest would follow my order...ahahahaha!!!! How I miss this moment. Technology makes it possible to stare on it and let your mind do the journey back to the 90's. =]


Eyriqazz said…
wah2,riang gembira...gambar lama...kenangan yg susah dilupakan..

Great Teacher Onizuka
bEEdLE d' bARd said…
masa kecil dulu comel.. tp skrg? haha..aku xtau..
ween said…
erk, which one? yg pakai speck ke, huu :D
ada said…
tengah melatah eh?? bahaya betol.. kesian dia.. mesti penat orang asek mengusik
syah shah said…
gambar family ko memang selalu ada macam-macam ragam eh? cute je aku tengok... muehheheheheh :D :D

p/s: i checked first before posting... klu tak, aku sendiri tak suka buat gitu... :D :D
green said…
coeml eyh..huhu...lalala~