26th Jan has passed with memories that would never wither

Hehehe~~~ Yesterday was 26th Jan..I forgot something sweet about the date. It's my elder sister's birthday and a year of my engagement. Waaahhh~~ It has been a year already since my first time going to Seberang Takir to meet the parents. Kikiki..I was planning to wish my sister and phone Cembam last night. But I played tennis till 10:15, had my late dinner at the mamak stall feeling famished and sleepy when I reached home. And all the plans were forgotten.

My sis 
Happy Belated Birthday sis. May Allah bless you with soleh and solehah children and lead your life a happy one despite off all the challenges you have gone through.

It was this morning when I were writing today's date for my meeting it strucked me. I punched my keypad, and sent SMS to my sister wishing her a happy belated birthday. Huhu...Cembam...?? Hmmm~~ I think she doesn't remember at all. Ekekeke.I'm still thinking on how to text her something different later. =]. But anyway, a year of engagement is surely way different than I thought or being told by others.

No big fight over ridiculous things like I've being told. No doubt whether to marry Cembam like I've been told and everything just went smooth so far. It's like a normal love relationship and the burden embedded in the word 'engaged' is actually just your own mentality and mind setting to rather make it real or not. So, those out there, don't worry to much to get engaged. =]

Cembam with my younger sisters. Welcome to the family Cembam and hope we would tied our knot smoothly and lead our shared life with bliss and happiness.

It was chinese new year, my sis' birthday, my friend's birthday and the eclipse on 26th Jan last year..yet the best one was my engagement =]!!


CAHAYA said…
wah! happy anniversary dude! :)
HEMY said…
thanks cahaya..anniversary for now..but after this the date would change..=]
zella said…
semoga berbahagia...!
Mak Su said…
all the best to you hemy :)

errr, in fact, maksu doesnt remember which date maksu bertunang...hahaha, cuma ingat tarikh nikah kahwin jer.
syah shah said…
aku pun bertunang masa raya cina... tapi tawon 2007 laa... mueheheheheh :D :D
apepon, selamat ulangtahun buat ko... :D :D
myfuzzyworld said…

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Jard The Great said…
heeee.. rasa sweet lak entri neh
Anonymous said…
sweety2 ler ko
Masy said…
tetibe cembam nmpk tembam, mesti kamera ko salah setting ni hihih

apepon, lg 2 bulan je nk tamat tempoh pertunangan ko ni if u know what i mean hihihiihii
HEMY said…
ngeh ngeh..sweet le sangattttsss...uww..masy~~~~ what were you thinkinggg~~~