My VADS day

Hmm..Erina Fradoo was asking me on my experience working with Vads in her latest comment. Wonder if she stills thinking whether or not to take the job offered to her like emm.. months ago? So, guess I could write an entry about it. I have no new pictures uploaded anyway.

Ok, I was supposed to work for HSBC. I was attending my english enhancement class specifically for HSBC recruitment. A month without salary, I took the challenge and the risk and enroll in this program. But after 2-3 assessments the YES or NO..err..the YES actually seems so vague. It was the 6th week, I was running out of saving when my colleague said streamyx is looking for a helpdesk personnel. So, I said why not. Still the same line of job as HSBC and this one they said would surely gonna nail it as they really looking for new hires.

So, I went for the interview and got a call saying I was accepted 3 hours after that. Eventhough right after I signed the contract, HSBC contacted me and said I was IN, I never regret to turn the offer down (actually because I've already signed the contract with Vads). Kelly Services is our agent.

The basic salary was Rm1400. We were one hell of lucky batch. They were having the first ever split shift for those who really wants it. They offered us and most of us accepted it. Why? Because split shift means you work for 4 hours, rest 4 hours and continue the shift for another 4 hours..nice huh? And for the 4 hours break, they paid us 2 hours overtime rate. was like Rm40 for 2 hours without doing nothing everyday..yeahhh!!! The only issue is it might take away your leisure life as it's technically a 12-hour shift. Who cares!! I don't have a girlfriend and that time.

Now, the job scope - all users who are using streamyx and having connection issue. Yes, you need to expect the mocking and the yelling. Come on, if you are the customer, paying RM88 per month but ended up not being able to connect to the net, what would you feel. SO Erina, as long as you set your mind like this, put yourself in their shoes or their s-class mercedes benz, you know that all the yelling is not actually towards you. It's towards the system. So for me, I never ever stressed out, I just buat dono with all the mocking and yelling and then asked "anything else sir?". Trust me, they are the one who got stressed at the end of the call.

Some would understand you and started with the nice line, "I'm not angry with you but....bwargghhhh!!!!". But the best thing about this job?? You don't bring your job home. It ended that very day. Next day is a new day for you. New yelling and new customers.

Chill out and always remember they are not angry with you. And my tips, don't ever lie to the customer. Tell them the truth with a bit of twist to make sure you still follow the rule and at the same time delivering the point that you really wanna help but it's beyond your power. Trust me, it's worth it.

You can also sharpen up your speaking skill and accent. I use british-like accent sometimes and I'm proud when the caller asked for my name and he said that my name sounds malay!! He didn't believe I'm a malay because of my accent!! See..there's a lot of pros!! One of the caller praised me saying that she always heard about the bad quality of the helpdesk of streamyx. SHe was terrified at first to call us and was ready to yell. At the end of the call, she said "you proved them wrong. You are so helpful".

Getting paid around 2K a month and getting this praise once a while?? You asked me?? It's priceless. Yet, you would want to have other jobs coz it's not that nice either. Hmm..hope you can see clearly what to expect now Erina!!


CAHAYA said…
Yeah. It was priceless. Woa, I missed VADS so much!
~0~ said…
pengalaman yang hebat...
Erina Asmawani said…
Wow!! This entry really open up my mind.Sebelum ni just negative feedback je from others about Vads,ni la satu2nya positive feedback.Lepas baca ni rasa sgt2 lega + happy + full of enthusiasm ;)

Betul tu bro, we take it at positive site. Kena marah semua tu, semua kerja kalau salah buat kena marah kan?? Lagipun they actually angry with the product..not at u. The best is, tak bawak kerja balik rumah.

Actually bro,sekarang ku dah masuk minggu kedua training ngan Vads.Hehe. And I really enjoy it. My English improve a lot. Tapi tula, fam agak tak suka ku kerja sini, so aku pun jadi berbelah bagi. Nak ke tak. Betul ke tak.Tapi pas baca ni betul2 buat aku yakin.

Anyway, it just a temporary. Sementara tunggu job lain yg betul2 kite nak,apa salahnya gain new experience & learn about new things kan??

Thanx a lot bro for sharing ur experience. Ku betul2 lega sekarang. Hope I can do well in the training period & hit the floor. Yeyeahh ;)
zonaku said…
a bit of advice dr org y selalu-kene-marah-pasal-org-lain-buat-salah,
always face yr cust with a smiling face, be it either face-to-face or via phone, yr smile DO make a difference.

but also put this in yr mind, human is unique, serve them as they are individual, not a group.

n learn more on cust svc. letih, but best!
Masy said…
hu~ penat baca. hu~
Mak Su said…
errr, ai...

ai dun know what to say
HEMY said…
were you a CSR as well cahaya?

~0~ ; sume pglman adalah hebat walaupn pglmn hset masuk lubang jamban

Erina : thre's always a way to see good things out of something. You need to find it

Zonaku : true..

Masy : pendek je pn masy

Mak su : thhank you for calling..ekekeke
Jard The Great said…
tak kisah la keje apa.. yg penting pengalaman beb... =)