Left alone filling my own destiny~~~ pergh..poyo!!

Last night, WIMAX at my place was down. Hope it's not gonna be for the whole week or worst the whole month. Gonna ring the helpdesk later to log the report. Why not, free call and you might be able to include the day without the connection for a rebate in your bill. Hehe..But I still managed to test the connection to my office VPN and it worked. Means?? I can work from home later..yeahhh!!!

We had a firedrill just now. Like usual, everyone doesn't seems to be seriously evacuated the premise. It's a normal thing in every offices right? Your offices as well I bet. It's just that the drills were conducted rather inappropriate maybe. We had to walk to the assembly point leaving our important task that needs to be finished and then we stood there with the others chatting with some of the conversation would be, "kalau kita blah gi makan pn bukan diorg kesah pn kan?". Maybe they should take the attendace like one of the firedrill I had once. Then penalized those who don't cooperate. It might make it better. Or at least just emailed the one who didn't cooperate to remind them. After all, we are humans that always need penalty or the fine ticket in order to obey aren't we?


Err~~~~~ I was browsing throught the updates of the blogs that I followed looking for entries that would sprout ideas into my head. But I just got nothing. Ahahaha.

98% of my colleagues have already moved back to our HQ. Either doing other projects or doing the same project but in a new premise. My Client (where I work) has being outsourcing most of the IT resources to the vendors. And these vendors need to provide the working space at their own premises. We are no longer working at the client's office. I was exceptional case. I'm handling system with the most confidential data and needs to be supported within My Client's premise.


If I used to have like 4 friends that share the same interests, take-5 whenever we thought we need to rest our eyes from the monitors, playing tennis after office hour and another session during the weekend, now it's not anymore the case. Assigned to different projects and different locations has been the obstacle to live our working life as fun as it used to be.

No more jumping around like we did in the picture. Huuu~~~ Gonna miss that for sure.


~0~ said…
aku nak join lompat2 jugak...
Mak Su said…
tak per, tak leh jump, lawan shuppel ler puloks. :)
ViLdA FiDa said…
lompattt???sukerrr tp malu aihhh
syah shah said…
takleh lompat tinggi-tinggi, lompat rendah-rendah pun buleh jugakss~~ Mueheheeheheh :P :P
Anonymous said…
maksudnya ko tgh kesunyian ler ni