Ko tiru rambut aku??mapuh la aku kena marah mak pak mu...

It's 2.22A.M in the morning. I'm in the middle of my usual album design trying to finish my job asap. Take a break with an entry won't do harm would it? Hehehe =p. I want share something about the boy up there..aahaha!!!

He's my fiancee's only brother. The youngest of her siblings. I managed to be-friend with him during my 2-night stay at Cembam's house last month. He was shy at first when I started the conversation with him but slowly we could talk about something and we even had a nice evening at Taman Tamadun Islam.

Last 2 weeks, Cembam's family was in KL.Her family asked me to join them for a dinner at Sate Kajang Samuri. At that time, I was just having my new haircut like less than a week. I dont wanna be hypocrite plus I want to see how they'd react when they see my new haircut hehehe. So I met them without even bothering to change the style.

I did see a bit of expression from their faces but not the that 'irritated'. Ekekeke. Ok, now the bad thing is, after a week, Cembam sent me an MMS of her brother with a caption "dia buat rambut cacak ikut ko. Heee...pengaruh buruk betul la". I was like..damnn..I asked if her parents said anything about it and Cembam said that her dad asked her brother "tiru sapa?", but her brother just chuckled. Cembam said that her brother answered, "tiru kawan naik proton wira biru". Who else?? Ahahahaha!!!

He even created his own facebook with the picture of him with the hairstyle and 2 of his sisters commented to change the profile picture coz 'buruk buat rambut camtu'. Ahahahaha!!! I jokingly commented "sumpah..saya tak suruh pn dia buat camtu..sumpaaahhhh". Ekekekeke.

I think he just lack of brotherly love. I'm gonna be his best brother later..ekeke..and best buddy..kan Haziq. Ekekeke. Oh, btw, the hairstyle, I just cuba2 je. I'm the type that would grow my hair till the time I can't stand it, then cut it short. Flat top, john cena style and this time..beckham. Ekekeke. Later wanna try stepehen chow's style in Kungfu Hustle..ehehhee


moment said…
wah kita sama! suda pukul 3.. and aku masih buat keje.. audit pny psl!~ adeh~

hurmm klu lelaki, nk jugak kasih syg dr adik bradik lelaki.. adik 2pompuan tak leh nk ganti, even dorg sgt2 penyayang pun... gitu gak pompuan.. =)
zella said…
flat top??
please dont!
~0~ said…
mmg jadi biras yang ngam la pasnie...hahahaha
Masy said…
bygkan ko buat rambut cam stephen chow.. hmmmmmmmmmmm
baincardin said…
Kul 3am Bain dah terbongkang tidur dah....huhu...^_^

*Hemy, Bain tgh promote kempen derma darah utk Pusat Darah Negara. Jom derma darah! yay! ^_^

Semua bloggers kat sini pun boleh join ye.^_^

pi link ni:-

syah shah said…
pukul 2 pagi aku dah hanyut dah... Tak kose nak berjaga sampai lewat lewat if the next day is workng day... Hohohohohoh :D :D

Bagus, pupuk persahabatan sebelum kawen, karang senang, tadekla segan-segan sangat... Heheheheheh :D :D