Ko betul, aku betul..abeh??? Yg salah sapa??!! Sume benda betul ke??

Yeahh..I just got a new laptop..errr...company laptop OK. It's using vista, IE7 which is soo convenient!! Bye2 lousy IE6. Now I can view my blog just nicee~~~. Ahahaha..I know I know..it's company's laptop.bla..bla..work related thingy. But by being able to blog everyday makes my mood in a very exuberent one throughout the day. While being this happy till the end of my working hours, I'm able to efficiently do my work?? Now, which part of blogging-related-to-work that you don't understand?? =]

Owkh shit..where's the spelling check function?? Apologize if I make any spelling or grammar mistake in this post. You may point it out in the comment section. I'd always appreciate it.


Ok, when I was having my lunch this afternoon, I overheard the conversation from the table in front of me. A girl was gleefully talking to her friend about how it should be in the highway based on her own idea of righteous act, laughing every now and then showing her big teeth and once in a while a piece of the food she chewed would fly across her friend's face.

She was telling her friend how she was being honked by a superbike on the highway when she was driving on the most right lane. She was also being highbeamed by the superbike and the worst,after she refused to shift left, the superbike overtake (or overtook is the past tense for this word?? It sounds a bit weird. Help me anyone) her car n showed her the FUCK sign on her face.

From the conversation, her point of view of the righteous act was that the superbike didn't pay for toll. All bikes don't need to pay the toll. So, technically they don't have the right to use the highway..just use the most left lane!! (bahu jalan apa in english??)Use other lane than the one she was using!! This is what she thought was right.

Hmm~~~ I've wrote something about 'righteous act' in my previous entry. But I couldn't find it to link it here. From the superbike rider's perspective or also the same as mine, if you drive slower than anyone behind you just please give way. Shift to the left lane and you can shift back after there's no one faster than you coming from behind. Of course la, the superbike doesn't need to pay the toll, but they still have the same right to use it. The same law to be obeyed.

Some would say, why do they need to ride so fast...?? Well, true in a way. But why do you need to drive so slow? Everyone has their own agenda that makes them drive fast or slow. As long as you don't jeopardhize anyone's life, you speed the safe way..then it should be fine. But don't you think when you drive slow on the right lane, the one who speeding safely at first would jeopardize others when they need to shift lane and cilok sana sini because of you??

Moral of the story, everything seems right for everyone. The most popular phrase is "Aku tak kacau orang kan?". BUt the fucking fact about it is that you think, it's not affecting others but in many ways it did. If everyone thinks they are right, what you see now in this very world you live is the proof. America thinks it's the right thing to declare war with Iraq, Al-Qaeeda thinks it's the right thing to involve kids and other innocent civillians when they make their move, Rapist thinks it's the right thing to rap the victim because the girl was soo sexy and like to show off her body.

Do you see now how the way you think could affect the world?? Think it wiser next time =]


Aidi-Safuan said…
hahahaha...semua orang nak betol je.standard la
*~ aRaBeLLa ~* said…
aku dok tunggu 3 bulan da bile la lappy company aku nak sampai nih..lembap betui..
sharamli said…
kang kal0 semua nak ngaku salah susah plk kan..
sp yg bet0l...

padahal benda tu takkan wujud p0n kn...

tp kal0 da memang sah2 sal0 tu ngaku je la..
bEEdLE d' bARd said…
aku nak laptop baru gak.. =(
~0~ said…
aku tetap salah...

best la dapat laptop free..hahha
:::wagonbiru::: said…
lumrah dunie..sume nak beto ...;p
Pocket said…
luving this bro!!
luving this,

yes, if we always think about ourself
me! me! mine! mine! my!
we'd always think the same,
i need to do this, why cant u make way..
the argument will never end.

i need to stay in the fast lane,
why do i have to shift to the slow lane?
i'm just minding my own way,

but that is when they're wrong kan..

good post bro!
zella said…
best nyer company..
siap bg laptop tu...
nk lap top gak....

p/s: "aku tak kacau orang" n "aku xnyusahkan org"... dua perkataan mmg sy xsuka sbb mb xkacau kita dr luaran tp mb perbuatan bodoh dia tu mengganggu emosi kita.....agak2nya bagus sgt kot ckp ayat mcm tu...
syah shah said…
apepon, moral of the story kat sini, pempuan yang ko ceritakan tu memang bodo... Hahahahahah :P :P

kalau semua fikir diri sendiri ja betul, memang kat situ lah salahnya...

owh by the way, overtook adalah the correct past tense... :D :D
HEMY said…
Aidi-Safuan : ego kan nk ngaku salah..mmg susah nk carik jenis yg ngaku salah

arabella : hehehe...kang dh dpt bgtu la..kita date..ahaha..takde kene mengena

Emora : good girl..(smbil tepuk bahu)

Sharamli : kalau kita ngaku salah padahal kita tak salah..org akan ckp.."eh, tu bukan slah ko"..betul tak? tp kalau ngaku betul jd argument

Bard : meh keja sini

~0~ : ehehe..mmg best

wagonbiru : betul3x. Hahahaa

Pocket : Thanks pocket..just how I think about things happened. I might be wrong too

Zella : haah..suke no ayat ni dipakai utk cover bodoh

SyahShah : betul ah overtook..cam sengal skit bunyi..tak pasti sangat