Hmm~~~ recuperating

Lying on my chest waiting for the pills to take effect. I have a fever since yesterday. Feeling so cold. I've already took my medicine but I would feel worse the second I walked into my office. The centralize air-conditioning makes me chilling till the bones. Suddenly I could sniff the germs and the bacterias out of the thin air!!

My boss had give me the green light to just go home and call it a day. But I refuse at first. I don't know. My friend said that it's weird though. I keep on coming to the office apart of the sickness like I'm a contractor with daily-base salary. Huhu~~. I don't know. I don't feel good to just leave my team with the tickets in our queue unattended. I would feel awful.

After lunch with a hot lychee (which I never had before) and a simple meal, I kept on doing my tasks. Attending the tickets till I felt so weary and sooo cold. That's the moment I decided to go home. I replied all the necessary emails and asked my boss if the offer of going home is still valid =]. So I closed my PC and went home around 3PM.

Gushhh~~~ It's so nice to be able to skip from my daily routine and just swallowed the pills and drifted in my long nap. I was awakened by the sound of the thunder. It was raining heavily. I had not perform my asar prayer yet. So, hurriedly I performed it and tried to stay awake by having some bread and twister orange juice that I bought the other day.

I hope I'm gonna be in my best condition tomorrow so I could work as usual with ease. Am I lacking of sweating or exercising? It's raining every evening. Hmmm..


Erina Asmawani said…
Ko ni terlalu kuat kerja kot bro..badan pun kena rehat tau..get well soon~
Masy said…
lacking? bkn overdose ke hehe. takpe2. badan nk rehat, kasik can la.. sian dia (badan itu).

get well soon hasnol rahmat. opss bkn - nunul.
~0~ said…
moga cepat sihat bro
sharamli said…
0it..jdikan ujan alasan erk..

kena byk rehat gamaknya..
HEMY said…
erina : hahaha..kuat kerja opis tk perasan kan..tau2 sakit

masy : mana ada overdose..lama gak tak bersukan..ujan semedang

¬0¬: thanks

sharamli : nk byk rehat takleh kerja plak..ahaha