Happy New Year all my fellow Muslims!!

Woww..this new feature of Blogger Posting is surely savvy. Seems so suitable with my new template..hehee!! Welcome to my new template everyone. I forgot when was my last template change. But surely a better one everytime..well at least for my ownself =]

Going back to my hometown later. Waiting for my sister from her office. She said it should be around 10.30PM.The rain has thwarted my giddy feeling to play tennis tonight. I haven't playing tennis for the whole week. Hmmm~~~ What a boring nights..

Many people have already blogged about our national football team winning the gold medal. Congrats Malaysia!!! We hope it's the beginning of the awakening moment of our national football team. It's time to stop being the laughing stock for years and start gaining our trusts back.

Happy new year to all my fellow Muslims. Hope everyone have done so many things, achieved most of the resolutions set a year ago and start to have a new one to be accomplished. Me?? I just want to be a better person, a better Muslim that would be blessed by His mercy, His compassion and His love.



congrats Malaysia!!


Like your new theme!
HEMY said…
Zara n Mr J ; thanks...glad to hear the loading is fast still
sharamli said…
cis..carik p0st c0mment x jmpak..

igtkan kt bwh..kt atas kanan gh0pernyer..

salam maal hijrah
moment said…
baik ko tuka pic pompuan seksi tu ngan pic aku.. mesti lg sweet!~

green said…
hepi new year to u too!

-.-"..dah tkar layout dah..ketingglnnya aku dlm dunia blog skarag ni..
HEMY said…
sharamli : haah..aku pn nk carik setting camne nk tukar post comment tu kat bawah..hehehe

moment : jaga ko ...aku buat nnt

green : hehehe..lama sgt ke dh mu tak berblogging
bEEdLE d' bARd said…
comel kaler blog ko skrg nie...like it.. =)
HEMY said…
ekekeke...me likey too~~~
zella said…
slm tahun baru!!

p/s: sy masukkan blog ni dlm bloglist sy tau... =p
Erina Asmawani said…
ahahha..ok..baru aku paham ngape gamba wafa kat situ..neway, nice template bro..ku suka..rasa segar je mata..jgn tukar gamba wafa tu.Penyeri ;)