Weekend with the family

Last week on 7th November, my sister called me on my phone and asked me a favor to pick up dad so he could stay a night at my place. No problemo. They came here to fetch Osman, my sister's fiancee from the airport and his family the next day. So, on Saturday night, I drove towards KL, in front of Amcorp mall to meet them. We had a dinner at Pantai Bharu and drove home.

The next day, we paid a visit to my brother who is studying in NUDM -National University of Defence Malaysia which is formerly known as ATMA. A bit strict when it comes to army. We need to wait for my brother at the parking area and we can't have picnic-like hangout while waiting like under the trees coz my brother would be penalized for our action. Damn. Just because of his family is eating under the trees. Huhu.

After he arrived, we were told to have our 'picnik' at a gazebo near the parking area. But, when we drove there, my brother was not allowed to get into the car. He needs to walk there. Damn..for the 2nd time. But apart of that, we still have a blast of time even for that short time.

Like always, we took pictures together, laughing gleefully but sometimes need to be hushed by my brother afraid the suprior would report anything about it. Huuu.

After that, we drove towards KLIA and fetch Osman's family. Another nice weekend and memorable moment for us. Enjoy the pictures =]


~0~ said…
ko paling nakal ek???hahahhaha

best best
baincardin said…
cantik gambar ni. infrared effect ye? ^_^
zonaku said…
famili pics ko mmg best!

esp last tu.. sayang betul diorg kat ko.....
Masy said…
pic hebaaakk hehehe
bEEdLE d' bARd said…
dahsyat nya gambau..huhu...
HEMY said…
Jard : mmg meriahhh

~0~ : takdelah..aku yg plg comel

Baincardin : yep..IR effect

Zonaku : ahaha..betul betul betul

Masy : hebaakkkkk keee???

Bard : ekeke..jom bergambar sama
moment said…
adik aku pnh kt UPNM, tp last2 masuk ALAM.. ermmm cukup la aku kata, aku sgt rimas bila masuk 'kwsn mereka'.. xtau la apsal..

errr aku paham ape ko rasa.. huhu

* pic fmly yg best ok!
imHepPie said…
eh ko aksi2 cenggitu sedar x suar koyak tuh
green said…

uit, x lame lagi dah nak kawen..
dextrike said…
hahahah, lawok gile bju biru tuh.. ape aaa bro! :))
HEMY said…
Moment : ALAM tu laut kan..hmm..mmg strict

FCC : strict banget

Imheppie : tak sedar diri dh time ni...ahahaha

Green : dh kawin nakal la best..ekeke

dextrike : keh keh..jeles la tu takleh wat cmtu
baincardin said…
Tenkiuu so Much Hemy for voting me 10-star! amat² memerlukan dan menghargainya! ^_^

*x gi shopping kat karyaneka? tgh sale tu...:)
Hi Hemy..
Jujur, semua pict cantik2 belaka..

candid dan bestnya..

semua pict lawa..
syah shah said…
rajen korang choreographed nak bergambo ala-ala candid eh? Tapi memang santekk... har har har har :P :P
ku tak sempurna said…
aku mmg enjoy pictures tu sume...

meriah weeiiiyyyyhhh..
jeles aku