No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

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I was born with a silver spoon. A well known wealthy family of De la Portatoz. I am the youngest child in my family. I have 3 big brothers who would always picking on me whenever we played together. My dad Potgas de la Portatoz is feared by so many politicians and businessman as his business empire was stretched out a half of the entire globe consisting in so many businesses from the tiny thing like children toys till a gigantic real estate and development industry. But the biggest passion of all of his businesses was always the snack industry specifically Potato chips!!

The first thing my dad bought when he earned a fortune of money was a 12 acres land to plant potatoes. He worked by himself at first and began hiring peasant one after another when the demand of his sweet crunchy potato chips was skyrocketted. He was then began to just monitor the business and started to expand his business by investing to numerous kind of industries till the one we had now

But aging is always the thing we couldn't stop. Dad was at his summit of his career but yet he was also getting sick because of his age. The whole world was shocked when he collapsed one sunny day when he was visiting his favourite potato farm, the one he first bought. The whole world was curious to know who would run the business after my dad passed away.

My 3 brothers were so spoiled. They just enjoy their lives with the money dad gave them and just keep on spending on fancy things without even wanted to know about how the business run. But for me, I always wanted to be like my dad. When my dad passed away, my 3 brothers were given the responsibility as the CEOs to run the entire empire. I was 17 at that time and the will said I will have the equivalent right like my brother once I'm 18. But they just leaved it to Brago Cortez, my dad's financial advisor. I hate him the most. He always being the good dog in front of my dad but I always know that he kee on scheming to get rid of my dad and take over the empire. And the opportunity is right before his eyes when my 3 idiot brothers just gave him the power to run the empire while they just travel around the world. But that's before Brago cut off their money while they were outside of the country. They were stranded at someone else's country.

Brago tried to kill me by sending someone to my bedroom when I was sleeping. Luckily I managed to escape. I had no where to go. But then I remembered our old cottage not far from our first potato farm. No one knows of it. I plucked out the potatoes from our farm everyday for food while compiling all the documents needed to take back my dad business empire. The world was being told that us 4 brothers were killed by the terrorist outside of the country.

A weird thing happened when I was taking shelter at our old cottage. I ate the potato chips everyday with the recipe that my dad once taught me. The hot n spicy recipe. I had this urge of powerful feeling deep inside my body running through my veins. I could jump sooo high almost 20 metres. I dont feel a thing when I punched through the wall of bricks. I could memorize so many things just by reading it one time. I had inhuman strength with a great IQ because of the hot n spicy recipe that my dad taught me.

It was my 18th birthday. It's time for me to take back what belongs to me. I walked straight to our mansion which was now Brago's. All of his guards were destroyed. When I stood right before him, he was terrified. I just plunged him to the ground deep into a huge hay stack pile through the window and he was taken to the prison by the police.

Some of the businesses have been sold by Brago including our potato chip business. I bought it back with my intelligence, with my strength and my will. I bailed out all of my brothers who have been jailed in the outside country and flew them back to our mansion to help me running our empire. Now, I'm back!! And I'm the no. 1 man of our empire. Owkh..I forgot to tell you. Dad gave our empire a name. And it was Mister Potato Empire, taken by his great passion on the potato chip business. I'm now the no. 1 man of the Mister Potato Empire!!!!!! And I still eat the hot n spicy flavor and market the recipe as one of the flavor. But I've omitted the ingredient to make me strong and intelligent of course =p*wink*

I've always made a spotcheck on the potato chip business. I do not compromise the quality of my potato chips. It must always crunchy, tasty and fresshhhh till the last bite of them!! Coz it represents my image as a true leader and the no. 1 man of the Mister Potato Empire!!!!!


Masy said…
baru nk pelik, tp dah paham dah!

chaiyoookkk *dok chaiyok2kan org, sendiri pon malas nk masuk aahhahah*
Mr PenyuBiru said…
nnt bila dah start voting ni, jgn lupa ajak kita seme yer.ala cam jard duk buat tu. jgn risau nnt masy bleh tolong klik vote tu smp berdarah.hehe

good luck bro!
~0~ said…
good luck bro..
joegrimjow said…
mantap la
bukan ke kene amek gambar cara mister potato?
Mak Su said…
chaiyuk chaiyuk anul!!!
HEMY said…
mekasih semua utk sokongan moral. Joe, aku tk nmpk lak syarat gambar ala mr potato..mungkin utk contest dia tu kot.

yg aku masuk ni utk blog nffnangerss..kena vote gak ke? rasa cm tak tulis kena vote

apa pn mekasih semua..aku nk try je dr tak wat pape surfing bodo2..ekeke
zonaku said…
bgs2... good luck. klaau kene vote sila buat cam jard, mana tau berkat sokongan kwn2 n rezeki ko.. leh menang lebih dr y jard menang....

bila ko nk amik barang?
syah shah said…
peh imaginasi... :D :D

papepon, gambatte kudasai neh~~ :D :D
Jard The Great said…
harap dapatlaaaa.. aku takmo ko kekal dengki dgn aku sbb dpt adiah utk 2012 tuu.. aku takut dgn ko sbb ko jenis takleh ngaku kalah.. ahahaha..

in future.. ape ko join.. ku tak nak join.. nk bg peluang.. (wakakaka.... poyo tak statemnet aku neh.. =p =p)
HEMY said…
Zonaku : tu la..mekasey la support

Syah Shah : mekasey

Jard : bagus gak..biar aku msuk sume tak kasi ko can
Eyriqazz said…
kreatif.Lain dari yang lain.Gud Luck
imHepPie said…
menang blanja mister potato 1
moment said…
aku pun bole tolong vote! (klu ade vote2 la..)

*xlh blah komen jard..haha
baincardin said…
yay! Hemy! tenkiuu so much for d votes 10-bintang!^_^

alamakk...terasa nak mkn mister potato lak ni...huhuu...^_^'
green said…
terbaik laa karangan ni..
mmg pjg..
mmg baca sambil makan mister potato..