Storm Warrior

Back then, I was just a small kid when I saw the 2 of them. Cloud and Wind were fighting right in front of me with the evil Chao Lun who has been torturing our village, forcing us to work for him without even giving us something to eat. It was a hell for us until the two of them came.

Cloud and Wind. There was a prophecy that our chieftain keep on telling us and keep urging us to silently pray that the day of the 2 stars would emerge before our own eyes, pouring their lights throughout our village to get rid of the darkness that has been clutching us for years.

The entire Chao Lun's armies were wiped out. With some scratches all over their bodies, they leave our village after the evil Chao Lun's head rolled on the ground leaving his body. But I was lucky, I ran to get them to convey my sincere thanks before they leave. Both of them touched me on my shoulders and I could feel a great sensation running through my blood veins and I felt different after that.

I've been dreaming of their martial arts everytime my eyes shut. I've been learning them through my dream every night for years. One day, 15 years after I heard the news that they were defeated by the evil Lord Godless. Their master, Nameless could not stop them either. I was itching to lend them a hand. But I've been practicing so hard for the past 15 years without any real fight with anyone. I've been practicing their martial arts secretly.

Till one night, I wasn't dreaming about their martial arts anymore. I was worried in my dream. But then, a huge flame unicorn approached me out of nowhere. It said something. It asked me to help them as I've already worth to be called a storm warrior. Then the flame Unicorn ran through me with it's blazing fire, awaking me from my deep sleep.

I'm a storm warrior. This is my destiny!!! Wait for me Cloud and Wind. I would come to assist you. I would fight to death alongside of you. Because we are the storm warriors!!!


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imHepPie said…
kalo aku jdi storm warrior nk bukak klas ngajo la dpr dwet..

pakcik kayoo
Mak Su said…
wow! cloud and win!!! maksu memang minat banget
Mr PenyuBiru said…
ade lagi ke citer tu ek. kebanyakkan berbudak hostel ade koleksi tu.seb baik aku tak minat...

.. beli, aku minat baca je.hahar...
~0~ said…
gempak pic tue..siap ade aura..
~0~ said…
gempak pic tue..siap ade aura..
HEMY said…
Imheppie : ahahaha..nk bukak kelas la plak..

Mak su : saya ingat cloud 9 je..nama mlyu je saya ingat..penjejak awan n penjejak badai

Penyu : join la contest..kot menang

~0~ : harapnya leh menarik minat juri..hehe
Masy said…
best woo cite tu! ko masuk kontes eh? klu menang jgn lupe ajak aku lagi wakakaakakkkakaakakak

abes laa org len ku potong jalan camni :))
HEMY said…
nyeh nyeh..kalau aku tak dapat pi pn aku serah je la kat kau..pndi2 la nk collect..ekekeke..

banje aku makan pastu sudah
afiqah said…
good job done on the editing..
love it!!
HazwanHakim said…
nice post....u like a bejjing's storm warrior..heeehehe

see my page also..