Blog till you drop??

My access to the emergency ID has been delayed to tomorrow as the approval was just been given just now. So, my Monday which supposed to be busy is now seems free of work. =]. Reading my worn-out September edition Reader's Digest ( I have 2 new editions which I don't finish reading), I feel want to type something in english. So here is a new entry.

It's actually my 2nd entry as I've already typed a new entry for my other blog on what do I want for my 'hantaran' (gifts during the wedding). If you are interested to know about it, feel free to read it here.

I'm wearing glasses more often nowadays especially in the office. Influenced by some people saying it would make your eyes worse if you don't wear your glasses regularly and keep on staring your monitor for hours everyday. The eyedrop I bought from Permata Hijrah has been given to my mom yesterday as she said her eyes feel relaxed when she used it. So I need to buy a new one. I wear my glasses even while playing tennis now. Hmm..When Allah took away one of his bless, then you'd know how ungrateful you were.

I realize that malay bloggers prefer to surf, follow, comment and read malay entries than an english one. I can also see the trend when I posted my entries here. The only exceptional case is only when I wrote something really interesting, the comment would be as much as the malay entries. It's a question whether my readers would read my english entry till the end or just sneak a peek and put down some comments.

Well, we would always know that blogging is self-satisfaction for everyone. We started blogging without any intention to have comments for every entries we published. But we need to admit, we bloghop, we follow other blogs, we read many interesting entries and somehow we make friends out of the blog and without we even realize it, we have comments in our every entries. It's fun when we have comments from others. We can't deny that.

And we are so used to have comments and suddenly we have an entry without any comment, even a slight, we would feel kinda lonely right? So, from this commenting activity, I just realize how language sometimes plays the difference. Or maybe I just not really a good english writer yet??hehe..My initial intention when I write a blog is to hone my writing skill especially in english. Not that I look stupid when I write in malay..hellooo..but it's just how I want to improve my daily working life.

Your view is so precious, your comments are even priceless. Seriously I don't really care if Ihave comments or followers here. But you guys really rock my blogging life. Same to the silent readers!! Yehaaa!!


kEy said…
entri english tp kumen melayu xkisah kan?
ekekekek~ =P

hmm....btul...setuju la ape yg hemy cakap...
sometimes tu, bile bace entri yang kite xpaham, dapat plak tajuk yang smpai kite pikir, 'hape bnde ni?' ofcoz la kite akan ignore an?
dan bab yang kumen tu p0n, memang key setuju lah..

sometimes, 0rang tulis entri ni terpulang la, mcm key, key prefer tulis dalam bm, sebab kepuasan menulis disitu ade, c0z, bi key ni xla power mane kan, n akan smpai satu tahap, kalo tulis dalam bi, kite akan terkapai2 nak cari ayat yang sesuai tuk sampai kan maksud kite tu...

tu semu depends la pade indidvidu ye tak?


pape la bm ke bi ke, kite sume ni BLOGGER! YEAH!
Well my dear bro~
That's what happened to me as well~
My English is just moderate, and I personally think I should blog in English as a practice~

But hell yeah, it seems that some readers prefer to read my BM blog instead of English (which been private now].

Anyway bro, I also wearing specs because my doc ask me to do so. Not because of Rabun, but, simply because I used laptop more than 5 hours per day~

{lumut} said…
nice hemy!!
ku pernah terfikir jugak bende neh..

sometimes komen2 from others made us feel appreciated...but then self-satisfaction is the most important thing when we try to bring out the words!!
moment said…
hemy, aku baca semua entry ko.. in malay ka.. english ka.. tapi kdng2 terlupa nk komen..

contohnya bila tgh2 baca, ade sms masuk ke.. call masuk ke.. kene panggil ke.. bila balik dpt pc, lupa dah nk komen.. heheh

errr english ko ok je.. =)
green said…
software engineering student
24/7 in front lappy
for study, surfing or blogging..

not working yet..

spectacles <<===I love spectacles
HEMY said…
Key : betul..kadang kita terkapai nk expresskan suasana benda kita nk citer..lebih2 lagi yg lucu..mmg susah dlm BI

Zara : ah..then..power spek hang baper zara??

Lumut : yep..if you can still feel satisfied with no one reading your's still worth writing..!!

Moment : ok je?? huh..ahaha..lain cara baca lain jadi maksud ayat..ahahaha

Green : aku pn budak SE dh grad n dh keje..time keje nnt baru ko rasa nyesal amek SE..ahaha..keje baru nk siap dh dtg keje lain
Anonymous said…
aku tak kisah mana2 bahasa pun
yg ptg simple dan senang di baca

p/s: aku x yakin menulis english ni kecuali terpaksa

HEMY said…
hahaha...cite stim di pagi hari
Masy said…
oh sunyinye takde komen. hehehehe (aku pon same laa takde la tipu wakakkakak)
zonaku said…
your writing skills are actually good, hope it goes well with your conversations too.

yet there are times i just read, read, n keep on reading despite the time restriction and also mood. that's obvious rite?

my english entries are sometimes are done on the basis that i do not want vulgar words appears frequently in my blog.

btw, influence at work made me reducing my english quality!
huhuu... my luck!
anwar said…
ayman si silent reader.. suruh aku tulis..
so aku tulis la ni..
baincardin said…
you should HEMY! thanks a lot for ur 10-star votes ya! yippieee!!! ^_^
syah shah said…
english or malay, hatta baasa urdu sekalipun, kalau aku faham, memang aku baca sampai habis.. Tapi bab komen, bergantung pada keadaan aku masa tu... kekangan idea atau kekangan masa...

Kalau entry tu serius, memang aku buntu sikit nak mengomen... aku kalau tak komen merepek memang rasa tak syiok... Heheheheheh :P :P
HEMY said…
Masy : hehe..tau dh..kiki

Zonaku : the trick is to make it simple but sometimes by putting some bombastic word would give extra kick on your entry.

Anwar : ahahaha

Baincardin : bie ke qi..=].

SyahShah : org2 cm ko la yg meriahkan kotak kumen org dn membuat org len rasa seronot...hehehe..mekaceh
syah shah said…
ya ya, aku tau aku memang bess... muahahahahah :P :P :P
green said…
ak rase kan..ko akan jadi orang2 yang ak refer bila dah keje nanti..

senior SE..

SE kat msia ni x lah besar mana kan..

ntah2 nanti kita satu ofis..
leh blog sama2..
Jard The Great said…
ehehe.. ku dulu english blogger gak..

skang da tukar.. sbb betul ar.. the readers prefer malay entries.. kang ade yg komen "tak fhm ar"