2012 - Their lives depend on the hands of a boobs doctor!!

Huhuhu..Just finished composing one of my client's album that took me more than 2 hours to finish. Had 2 minute-maggie mee and here I am lying on my chest to update my blog. Couldn't get the time this morning as the job seems to fill up my bowl pretty full.

Ok, as you all have already knew, I won the 2012 movie ticket and the movie was screened last night!! My colleague bailed out at the last minute, so I had to ask someone else and promptly Masy's face was the first one appeared in my head that time. Why?? Hmm..it's because I was so confuse how to get to the place on time, but at the same time I had to fetch my pictures and albums that I've sent for printing. The printing shop is in Plaza Masalam. So, Masy seems to be so fit into the plan.

I asked her favor to fetch it for me, I waited for her at Shell Kelana Jaya and we reached the cineplex on time and bumped into Jard as soon as we were about to queue for the ticket.

Hmm..now's the time for review. What do you expect from a movie of the end of the world?! Of course chaos everywhere, world in a devastating catastrophic condition, a big tsunami, volcano eruption, earthquake and the rest of the natural disaster you could think of. When I decided to win the ticket and to watch this movie, I just want to see how creative the director is to present the END OF THE WORLD and how the twist of the ending. These are the only differences you could expect when it comes to this kind of movie.

The CGI..fantabulously done!! I've watched Sinking Japan before but 2012 is way beyond it's league..so realistic, so creative. Just imagine how a jet needs to fly in between a crumbled town, an LRT train flew pass your head and along the flight you saw the rest of the humans were wiped out..Fuhh..madness detail on the disaster dude!!! Seriously great!!

But of course I could predict the flow of the story but the twist of the ending is..well, can be accepted logically. If you watched armageddon and other similar movies, the chaos would be just for a specific countries or places right?? 2012 is the whole world!! So I was thinking what would be the ending...And I'm satisfied with the ending. Not purely logic, but ideally logic.

So, it is worth watching. The main characters are just simple families whose parents are separated. The mother has a new love, which could be call the hero - A boobs doctor, the savior who managed to flew them on the jet dodging all the crumbling buildings. But as expected the Boobs Doctor dies, in the attempt of getting into the gigantic ark. Oh shit!!! Did I just spoil the ending??ahahahha!!

2012 chronies

KO tgok Masy bukn main hepi lagi dpt tiket di last2 minute..yehaaa

2012 chronies

Ahh..nyampah la ko Jard ngan wind breaker ko tu

2012 chronies

Tgok..Jard kasi pegang skit je...murah je ni..murah je..tipu la RM250..tipu tipu..ahahhaa


Masy said…
aku nk curi pic ni nanti tau nunul. hahahaha tp mmg cite ni best!!! aku ske! thankss ajak aku wpon ko ade agenda tsendiri nape ajak aku hahaaaha

hepi laa weh, teket free la katakan :)
Jard The Great said…
cetttt.. masy lak yg first.. ahahah
Jard The Great said…
jeket tu mahalllll.. jgn jeles.. ehehe
kEy said…
jacket 2012~
RM 250????
kurzz said…
alahhh nul..xajak akuuu..nape masy lak yg ko pilih??..ape kurangnya aku??.;p hahahaa...sja jer nul..usik2 je..erm nih nk kene tgok nih..ko nyer review wat aku lagi eksited nk gi tgok dis weken..haha..adioss!!
Anonymous said…
cis kek ko kasi tau ending dia
green said…
cam bez je cter tu..
pasni nak tgok kot..
syah shah said…
review ko masih tak membuatkan aku teringin nak tengok cite ni... err... simply sebab not my genre of stories... Heheheheh :D :D

kalo ko buat review cite cloudy with a chance of meatball ke, Up ke, bolehla mempengaruhi aku... kot... Mudahnya, aku tak mudah terpengaruh... kecuali kalau ko cerita makan... Hahahahahahah :P :P :P :P

haa... panjang lebar tak review aku terhadap diri aku mengenai review ko? hahahahahah :P :P
HEMY said…
Masy : ekekeke...agenda tu pn last2 minit tau..ekekeke..mmg nk ke s.alam sbnrya..tp ari tu aku gi pas maghrib sejam gak msuk ke masalam..tu mintak tolong ko..ehehehe

Jard : tipu je tu..bundle tu jaket tu

Key : ahh..benci benci

Kurzz : berbaloi tgok..mmg best

fatt chin choy : apsal ko baca last tu..ahaha

Green : sila2..best

SyahShah : ahaha..aku mmg nk tgok cloudy tu hari tu..tp tak sempat..tgh carik yg dload
imHepPie said…
jeles2 bila lipis nk ada wayang neh
~0~ said…
dapat pegang skit pun jadi la...hahahah
sharamli said…
jg lekl0k..
*~ aRaBeLLa ~* said…
bulih lepak kat Shell Kelana jaya tak ingat aku..umah aku dekat je dari situ..wuuu nak tiket freee gak!
HEMY said…
imheppie : ko buat wayang je la senang..ahahaha

~o~ : tu le..skit je dia bagi pegang

sharamli : binci binci

Arabella : ko nombor pn tak bagi aku..camne la aku nk ingat wehhh