Watching astro..surfing the net

I thought I want to hang out at the IRC cafe using my voucher to have chicken chop for my dinner. But it seems, IRC is having a big issue of reorganization and even changing their name, so the system is being updated and they only accept cash. Huuu..So I just changed my plan and had 2 pieces of roti canai and ice tea. Burrppp..From now on, I dont wanna make a fuss of saving up when it comes to my meal. Just eat and put some weight so I wouldn't look so thin during my big day..ehehehe.

Huu~~~, I can sense the urge to blog not only for me but to all whom I know virtually seems to be getting dimmer. Am I right?? I can only see not even half of the blogs I followed were updated daily or once every 2 days. Everyone is as busy as me or even busier?? Ehehehehe!!!

My team lead would be back to work this Monday. Well, I hope so. he couldn't be reached and we just hope he's not affected directly from the earthquake in Padang, Indonesia. We were told he's having his Raya leave in Jakarta.

Ah, I watched one-hour documentary about the phenomenal cartoon - Spongebob!! Man, watching it makes you want to be part of the team too. It's such a great job as the cartoon itself is a hillarious one. How do you think the crew of the production work? They laugh, they have fun, they enjoy themselves in their whole working hours!! It's such a nice place to work. The creator of spongebob is such a genius and way beyond a creativity could define. Huu..I wonder if oneday, my brain got struck by a huge creative idea that will make me so famous and don't need me to work nice. But I bet if everyone is given this kind of opportunity, less than 10 percent would manage to make it a success. Why?? Not everyone of us know when to take the chance and learn to take the risk. We just too afraid and tend to live in the risk-free circle of life. Hmmm..

Still working on some pictures and wait patiently so they could be uploaded in my flickr. Huhu!!! Ah, currently looking for new job, new opportunity in my working field so I could at least earn enough to start my marriage life in the future. Any recommendation?? I'm so looking for the new job really hard..Hmm~~~


CAHAYA said…
Kinda lazy to update my blog. Maybe my life kinda boring kot. So tak tahu nak update ape.
Efendi said… are no obligated to update your blog in a daily basis anyway..ehehehe
imHepPie said…
ko nak gemook ke masa kawen nnti??amek la lemak2 aku sket..aku sedekah..kira adiah kawen la..
Erina Asmawani said…
jom cari kerja same2..huhu..aku nak kerja!
Masy said…
aku apdet je.. hehe
syah shah said…
as funny as spongebob can be, tetap tak boleh lawan dengan kartun Oggy & the cockroaches tuh... Gila punya lawak... No dialogues needed, just the storyline is enough to leave you in stitches due to laughing so hard... kikikikikik :P :P
Mak Su said…
maksu hapdet, sbb tak sampai takut2 org mai tapi tak dak apdet plaks...

maksu suka jer tgk katun atasinchi, katun mak-mak. ahaks
HEMY said…
imheppie: kalau leh wat cmtu senang je idup

Erina : ko besarkan fradoo ko nye franchise lg bagusss..ehehe

Masy : aku pn baca je

SyahShah : oggy pn best spongebob nye lawak unik

Mak su : ahahha..ada cita2 nk jadi cm mak atasinchi tu ke?