Medical Leave

I was on M.C today. Woke up this morning feeling a bit aching on my spine when it soothed me only by lying on my back. I tried to get up, but I didn't really feel comfortable with my spine. I didn't feel really well, the clock was ticking past 9.35a.m and that's when I decided to take the day off.

It has been around 2 weeks of an ON and Off fever. I would feel OK in the morning but started to feel sick when I walked into my office. The aircond, the air ventilation..I think it's already contaminated by the viruses in the air. Some of my colleagues have already took a medical leave. So, I thought..why not. Plus, I've already settled most of my tasks in the office.

I rang my boss and told me that I would be Off today. He didn't sound surprised anyway. I've already have this sore throat this week that makes me sound like the frog trying to sing Nickelback's song. So, my boss said just rest with a very caring voice and my guilt disappeared right after that.=]

Went to the clinic and got the M.C, had my breakfast and went home. It was the first time I felt mandom when I took my coughing syrup. My eyes were heavy and the last thing I know, I've already dozzed off till 3P.M. ergghhhhh~~~~

Hope I would recuperate completely by tomorrow morning. Need to send my car for repair. The clutch plate is exhausted and needs to be replaced. Moneyyyyy~~


Anonymous said…
aku belum ada mc
rugi sebab setiap 3 bulan ada elaun n sijil

cukup setahun dapat lagi elaun tahunan

sharamli said…
mcm sengaja je ni..ha3
Jard The Great said…
uish..... demam ghupernya... hope u get well......
imHepPie said…
aku x penah mrasa bagaimanakah mc itu haha
- j o h a r i - said…
kalo x sihat tu byk la berehat kt umah je ye..jgn kuar2 umah plak
Erina Asmawani said…
sekarang ni mmg musim demam..huhu..moga cepat sembuh bro~~
Masy said…
semoga cepat sehat nunul!~
HEMY said…
Fat chin choy : kalau ada insentif cmtu mmg la best nk tahan tak amek MC

sharamli : mmg sengaja pn

Jard : TQ

Imheppie : ahaha..mmg takleh rasa pn MC tu

Johari : tak kuar tak makan yeop...ekeke

Erina , cahaya n masy : thank you