A big change in my family

The love, originally uploaded by Soulzeshifter.

I'm testing the 'blog this' feature in my flickr account that grants me the access to choose a picture from my photostream and quickly post a blog entry using this feature without opening blogger.com directly. So, I guess I'm gonna see this entry later.

The villagers, the neighbours have been asking for years on when would our siblings, well at least one of us would get married. My mom has her own group of neighbours which they call themselves as "Masyarakat". The purpose of this group is to support each members whenever one of them is holding any event or kenduri.

So one would have to buy cooking oil, one for the onions, one for the rice and etc. This 'contribution' is how they help their members. So, each contribution for each member would likely be repaid once it's your turn holding an event or kenduri.

So, mom was always being asked about when her children would marry. Well, my sister will start the change. Her marriage is on 22nd November, then followed by my sister's nikah (next after me). And then next year would be our wedding kenduri (my sister and I). So, it seems once our family holds a wedding kenduri, it's 3 of it in 6 months time. Hahaha..

Later, the picture above would be added by some other new family members. InsyaAllah


sharamli said…
aik3...da nak kawen erk..
joegrimjow said…
camne buat??
ajo skiiit
imHepPie said…
mna kad kawen neh..
green said…
xde flickr..
nak wat..
~wAniE~ said…
ko x jmpt aku siap ko..huhu
HEMY said…
insyaAllah..doa la dimudhkn sharamli

Joe : seng je..kalau mu ada flickr..mu klik n view satu gambar...atas tu ada opsyen tu..sonang je..ikut step

Imhepie : kad kahwin lum buat..ehehehe

green : hehe..takde flickr leh wat pe

wanie ; ko tk dtg aku jmput..siap ko..bakar umah ko
CAHAYA said…
jemput aku tau!
Anonymous said…
which sister will join you for the kenduri?
jannah ke?