2012 - Nuffnang Blogging Contest

Bloghopped to Jard's blog, I stumbled upon this contest by especially for glitterati nuffnangers. Attracted with the movie title, I clicked on the link as fast as your eyes could blink and signed up to take part in this contest.

I really hope I could win a free ticket to watch this movie. We have watched a lot of movies about what would happen in the future. How ruined our society would be, how fearsome the future is and how desperate we would be at that point of time. There have been numbers of movies with a variety of plots, the machine that would annihilate humankind (terminator), nuclear war (Heroes), alien invasion (War of the Worlds), Migration to another planet (Wall E) and lots more.

So, I'm soooo looking forward to what would be presented in 2012!!! How great and creative the plot is and what kind of impact it would give to me when I watch the movie. Feeling want to repent? Want to enjoy my life as much as I could knowing what waits ahead? Just simply terrified or just plainly awed and back to normal once I walked out of the cinema??? So, hopefully I would be chosen as the winee

So, let us make this contest merrier. What you should do is simple ;

1) Take part in this contest by registering and uploading an image at www.2012.com.my..!!!

2) Blog about your participation, share what you have uploaded for the contest along with your reasons. Do remember to link the contest page - www.2012.com.my.

Ok..I've already wrote why I want to participate in this contest and the reason why I want to have the free ticket so muuchhh...up there. Ok, what I want to put in the time capsule is the Holy Quran. Don't take me as a pious or whatever you have on your mind right now. I'm just sick of human law and how bad we could be.

The pollution caused by us, how we hunt the animals, how we kill our own brothers and sisters. I just hope later in the future, if we happen to survive the 2012 disaster, we need a fresh start. Something that can guide us and for me Holy Quran can play the role. We have been created by God for a purpose and I could see how we have betrayed that. I'm a muslim so I put my Holy Quran in the time capsule. If I'm a christian or Buddhist, I would put the bible or any guidance of my religion. Every religion emphasizes on kindness among us.

3) Send an email to 2012@nuffnang.com with the permalink of your blog post along with your full name.

So, it's easy...why not try your luck?? We might watch it together and talk about it after that!! Cool huh?!!


Jard The Great said…
haha.. bagus.. bagus.. gud luck ye! sama2 kita tonton wayang neh.. free or not.. ;p
imHepPie said…
uii..kalo da dpt tket free nnti ajak aku skali eh
joegrimjow said…
klu masuk pon
xley tgok gak

gud luk
Hafiz Hamid said…
aku x masuk, semoga ko berjaya ye..
CAHAYA said…
joe, kalau ko masuk dan termenang, ko leh bagi tiket kat aku.

aku nak tiket free. tapi aku cam mallllllllllasssss sangat nak berblogging skang ni.

kalau dah ada penyakit malas, xleh nak tolong la kan?
ku tak sempurna said…
owh... aku tak layak masuk ini contest..

tp aku sgt layak mendpt hadiahnya...
hahaha... sesuaiiiii
Masy said…
aku folo ko jelah. hehehee
sharamli said…
kal0 ku mas0k t sian kt k0 lak....xyah la..
Mak Su said…
moga berjaya ya :)

best of luck! :)
HEMY said…
mekasih utk sume doa2 indirect...menang nnt ada la kot yg dpt diajak..hehe
Mr PenyuBiru said…
aku harap aura kemenangan ko dlm contest jard turut terkena tempias pada contest ni plak. pepehal kalu menang, jgn lupa bagi tiket free kat aku 2 keping yer.hehe