A not-really-fortunate day

My Friday begun with a simple Sahur with 3 pieces of biscuits, safe-made mango drink and the US Open with the remote at my hand. Eating the biscuits and drink while waiting the azan. Lying on the couch with my heavy eyes. I slept back after my prayer and woke up at 8.30 but dozed off again and hurriedly went into the bathroom when my mobile phone showed 9.40a.m!! Damn!!

While preparing myself, I reached for the remote control of Wardina and turned her on (Uu..turned on) remotely to heat up her engine. Right after I wore my usual weary sandals, I went out and shut the door. Shit!!! I left the key!!! I thought the key was at the bike coz the engine was running. Arghh!!! There's no way I could go into the house without the key. I rang my housemate who was currently inside the house but got straight to his voicemail. Damn!!

I shouted his name but the deep sleep was sucking him so deep. I tried to call my other housemates and one of them suggested I went to our backyard and yelled pagoh's name from there. Good idea. I went to the back, shouted his name and he finally awoke and opened the front door for me. I've already sent a text message to my boss "boss, gonna be late..I am locked outside my house!!".

At the office, I was so busy with the tickets plus the packaging. We were going to the new office at Cyberjaya next weekend. Huhu..Nearer to my house. Took some pictures and kicked off from the office around 6 o'clock towards Gardens. I had a fast-break with my fellow colleague. I parked at the in-between Midvalley and Gardens building. Outdoor area where I saw motorcycles parked in a group - it means it's an authorised parking area. When I was trying to squeeze in my bike, broke one of the bike's plat number. Shit!!!

A guard, Bangladesh guy I think was saying I should pay for it.

"Yeah..I would. Can you ask the guy to call me if he's here? I'll give you my number"
"Cannot bro..You need to pay..Give me the money and I'll explain to him and pay it to him. He would be angry"
"Of course, are you sure you gonna give the money to him? Here 10 ringgit"
"ishy..at least it costs 50 ringgit"
"what the fuck! It's just 10 ringgit to replace a new plate"
"No no..Rm50"
"You think I start riding a bike just this morning?"

I could feel this guy is trying to make money out of my mistake. Surely it wont go to the person

"ok la...Rm 30"
"heh.." (just ignoring him)

I asked him for his pen and jotted a note on one my picture. I didn't have any paper on me that time. So I used on my picture stating I would compensate for the broken plat and just call me as I would be inside gardens. Then I walked away from the parking space. The guard still called me and asked if I was working there. I just nod and went off.

Rm35 for a fast-break at Italiannese. Huh..Over budget a bit. Usually I would spend only Rm3..ahaha. But ok la, once in a while with fellow friends. Still nice. Then I went to my bike after finished and the bike was still there. When I was about to leave the guard came to me and said I could give the money to his supervisor.

"Are you sure you gonna give it to him?"
"yes boss"
"ok..here", while handing him the Rm10 note and went off.

At least I've already paid. If the security guard didn't hand it to the bike owner, it's not anymore my fault. Reaching home, my housemate's car was not at the back of mine. So I hurriedly started the car and went to fuel her up. But I really feel I wont reach the pump station. Thinking of my unfortunate day, I stopped the car by the road just near my house and walked to my house. I borrowed my housemate's bike coz mine doesn't have place to put the fuel container.

Went to the pump station and pumped in the container. Then I filled up my car and drove it to the pump station to full her up. Hmm..that's my day..How's yours??


sharamli said…
sian wardina k0..
momentinlife said…
aku pny hari?

pnh dgn meeting.. pnh ngan berita yg mengejutkan.. last2 jd mcm serabut sgt bila ptg..

malam aku je yg indah.. sbb Ym ngan ko.. ahaks!~
imHepPie said…
haha skali bca cam essay dak skola menengah..bagos2...haha..

tpi aku agk konpius..

I shouted his name but the deep sleep was sucking her so deep.

iskk half-half ke dia neh..jap his jap her..huahua
ZARA 札拉 said…
US Open juadah sahur kamu~

aku asyik menunggu2 nak sahur dengan EPL~
joegrimjow said…
dekat cyberjaya kat putrajaya ke?

mlm ni p kan kat s alam?
ku sowang2 n xfamilir kwsn sana
nanti msg2 ek
HEMY said…
sharamli : nape sian kat wardina aku lak??

Moment ; uhh..aku gembira wat ko hepi..ekekeke

ImHeppie : cam essay dak skola menegah??hmmm kena tererkan lagi ni tulis biar baca cm novel..

Zara : EPL is a past time now..ahahaha

Joe : ok..nombor aku ko ada kan..papehal msg
ad3ck said…
bangla kelepet tuh. kalau ku bagi ludah je. serabut dengan bangla hitam kat KL ni heeheh.
HEMY said…
haha..kalau aku ganas mmg aku wat camtu
CAHAYA said…
omg, kesiannya. Sabar yer. :(
green said…
my day..

full tummy and happy chatting..
HEMY said…
Cahaya : ahahaha...dugaan...ekekeke

Green : ekekeke..bagus la sumenya OK

it was really a bad day.
sorry for u bro.

female? lol.
better than shemale rite.

p/s: kalau aku buat dono je dengan bangla tu. beli sampul surat. masukkan duit. letak kat celah moto ko langgar tu.