Yeahh!! New shoes!!Less saving..burkhhh!!

Just went back from Alamanda. Went to shop at Al-Ikhsan. Well actually I was just intended to browse the shoes, asking for the price..U know, whether the price would be just the same after the so-called "Mega Sale" or it would be on a different price once it's ended. For most of the shoes, the salesperson said that the price would just be the same. So, I thought I would just buy a pair after Hari Raya.

I browsed and browsed and bumped into a pair of tennis shoes. Diadora brand. I couldn't see the price. Slowly..I mean..very slowly I turned the price tag so I could see the price. Rm99. hmm..not bad. At that time, I was thinking to buy Nike tennis shoes costs Rm167. After I carefully inspected the material, the bottom sole of the shoes trying to predict how long it would last after hours of running on that very court. I decided to buy the Diadora shoes.

The black one doesn't look so nice. It looks like a cheap Rm20 Spider shoes in a way. So I took the white one. Well, I need a white shoes if I want to take part in next year Wimbledon aren't I? window shopping seems to be more than a window. I have my tennis shoes now!! can't wait to wear it tomorrow and play like a pro!! Aahahahaha!!!

It seems Wan Hayati is in a good condition after her battery is replaced. I could drive her at 130km/h just now. Hopfully she won't sulk during the journey to Kuantan this Thursday. Yup. for the 3rd time, I attempt to visit Cembam. Hopefully this time, nothing would hamper in my way.

P/S : my shoes is not like the one up there. I couldn't fine mine in the net..hehehe