My first racquet!!

My Tuesday feels so blues it seems more monday than my usual monday..=p. I was typing my nescafe chill-lah script contest just now but decided to stop for a while to write this entry. Huu..actually I don't know what to nag about. But I just want to update this very blog. Ok, let's see..what should I type..hmmmm...(thinking while listening to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus song).

Can't wait to play tennis tonight. 9p.m to 11 p.m. My friend has already booked a court at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. When I look at my new shoes just now, I smiled to myself. 10 years ago, I couldn't afford to have them and I would never had the guts to ask for them from my parents. I always know how my family was back then. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky student that was offered a scholarship that worths Rm150 a year. Or was it Rm300?? I forgot. With this scholarship, I bought some things that I was so longed to have.

I remember when I asked my parents to buy me a badminton racquet. My teacher said that I have the potential and I was always love to play it. I used to borrow a racquet from my friends whom was playing together with me. But one day, I broke it's string. I felt so guilty. I apologized to him so many times. He was also afraid that his parents would scold him. Well, kids those days always afraid of their parents unlike kids today.

My parents apologized to his parents and it happened that we didn't have to compensate for it. It was a small matter anyway. I stopped playing them for a while after that. I still remember my very first racquet. I found a broken racquet frame in a ditch one day when I was fishing. It was totally broken leaving only the frame. I picked it up and ran to my friend's house asking him to play with me. My friend has his own racquet.

I just grasp the frame by placing the broken part on my palm and put my fingers through the strings. There I was..holding the remnant of the racquet, the frame like a glove on my hand. But i enjoyed playing with it. I have a curfew when I was a kid. I must reached home at 6p.m. Otherwise, I would be scolded. One day when I was so into my 'racquet' mom asked my sister to get me.

I was scolded. I still remember what my mom said. "If even with this crap, you could play so hard and forget about everything, how should I buy you one?". He snapped it from my hand and throw it away. I forgot the reason, but I just couldn't get it very first racquet..

-TO be continued...-