My glasses..where r U??

Just finished my subuh prayer. I'm staying in riverview hotel located in the center of Cukai town around 5-7km from Cembam's rented house. The mosque is just one block from here. I think next time if I'm gonna come here again, I would stay in this hotel so I could easily go to the mosque for my Friday prayer. The rate is Rm69 with a very nice wireless connection.

I'm looking for my glasses. I thought I left it on the desk inside my room before Cembam and I went to the mosque for our maghrib prayer. But nothing was on the desk when I came in last night. Hmm..did I misplace it? I've already asked Cembam to search for it if I left it inside her car. I also need to put some coins for the meter parking at 8 later. I'd probably kick-off from here around 10 when everyone has already reached their offices and schools. It's working day today..

Arghhh..still looking for my glasses. Damn..I'm so sure I didn't wear it when I was at the mosque. Cembam has already searched inside her car and found nothing..arghhh..damn. If I lose it, means I've already lost 2 of my glasses..damn it!! Arghhh..stress!! I'm so sure I put it on the desk before I left the room. But should I try asking the receptionist about it making it looks like I suspect any of their room service guy could have take it? But..I checked in at 7.30 p.m. I dont think room service would be in scheduled last night...ahhhh...where are you bloody glasses!!

Image : I've already lost the sunglass, now I lost the prescriptioned one..arghhhh