My 2nd racket

I'm having my simple lunch munching gardenia sandwich bread with Lady'sChoice chocolate milk stripes peanut butter. Just finished updating my tickets. I went to the printing shop just now to print my friend's album but had to postpone the printing to tomorrow. I need to adjust most of the picture in terms of framing and placing. In the process of printing and assembling an album, the 4 corners of the pictures would usually being cut. So, my pictures would most probably affected if I'm still want it to be printed today. SO, I took them back to readjust the gap along the corners. I'm a perfectionist in a way and I want the best final product for my friend. Sorry guys, a day delay for a better product would be fine right..??

I managed to select some of the pictures taken during my 070809 vacation. But I need to select the best out of them or combine 2-3 pictures in one to be uploaded. If not, you gonna be looking to our pictures scroll by scroll to you want to vomit..ahahaha!!! Hence, for today's entry..I'm gonna continue with my racket story. My 2nd racket.

After my first racket was thrown away and I didn't manage to find it, I spent my evening playing baling selipar, climbing the rambutan tree, fishing and other things that are not related to a shuttle and a racket. My friend also stopped playing because he didn't have anyone to play with him.

But one day my friend came to me with this exuberant face. He said he has something to show me. I followed him to his house and waiting for him while he went into his room. He emerged with a wooden tennis racket which I thought it was a squash racket or an old-fashioned badminton racket at that time.

"Here, I want you to have it. Now we can play together every evening"

So we played badminton again in the evening. I still remember we played on the court just at the balai raya (what do you call it in english?) just in front of my house. When the wind blew the shuttle and it stucked on the roof, we had to throw stones hoping it would roll down and flinch the shuttle down. It was so fun for a mere village boy like me to be given such a racket.

But again, my mom was so dad as well because I played till after 6. My dad grabbed the racket after I handed it to him and he slammed the racket on a desk so hard. It broke to pieces with a loud bang. Poor me. I lost my only racket. My 2nd racket that time. Well, dont ask me why they keep on destroying or throwing away my belongings when they couldn't afford to buy me one. Ekeke..Maybe it's their way of teaching.

This is how my dad slammed my racket on the desk

So, once again I saw my pity wooden racket lying on the floor with fractures everywhere. I collected the broken pieces and I took it into my room crying. Erm, the crying part..I don't really recall, but definitely I felt so sadddd..

That's the story of my 2nd racket..=]


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