The usual ibadah

Credit to Qatari Mother

Is it just me or everyone could feel that the time moves so slow??Ahahaha!! It's the first working day in today's Ramadhan month. I arrived at 10 coz I was planning to go home at 6 like usual. During this fasting month, we can go home an hour earlier to compensate the lunch time not being taken.

You know what?? I can read anyone's blogs without worries now. But I'm scared to close it after reading due to the possibility of the infinite windows being popped up. SO, what I need to do is to change the URL after to anything I want to browse, and only then I close it. Ehehe. I dont mind the additional step...heeee...

Thanks to my colleague, Khair whom just gave me the link to read online Qur'an with the translation and even the audio as well. I just continue from the Juzz that I'm currently reading for this year. So, I just listen to the the earlier juzz now. The technology is supposed to make us easier to perform our ibadah right?.

When I was at my parent's house this weekend, Mom, dad and my sisters are still doing the same thing since the years we started to read the holy Qur'an - Tadarus. After their naps, or when they don't really doing anything, they would read the Qur'an. Dad like his usual self, just covering his thin black body with the a cloth instead of wearing it, with his glasses he would read the Qur'an anywhere. On the sofa, dining table or just leaning towards the pillar of the house. Mom would do the same, sometimes at her sewing table by the window.

Yesterday when I was in my sujud pose trying to getup after hours lazing in front of my laptop. Mom and my elder sister were watching and listening to a boy whom was reciting the holy Quran in the television.

"Harapnya moga2 esok anak kak wa pn pndai baca quran macam ni"
"Mak..mak mesti sejuk perut kan mak..sbb sy pndai ngaji, msuk tilawah dulu..menang lagi", I was joking with my mom like usual
"haah...yeee..sejuk", my mom just agreeing with my words coz she knows me very well. Malas nk layan
" lah tu..skang ni malas..hadap laptop..tak ngaji pun", my sister teased me
"alaaa..kat depan korg aku tak baca, tak beramal..blkg korg kat umah bujang aku beramal..tknak tunjuk...Ahahahaha", I answered my sister

Ekekeke..sometimes I was telling the truth, but sometimes I was joking with them. But in this case, it's true..ekeke. Eventhough I dont really spend my time trying to be a good and better muslim or His being, I always take the opportunity in Ramadhan when Allah blesses us with as much as He could so we could get the benefits out of the sacred Ramadhan.

At least, a month every year you try to be a better muslim instead of not even trying right?? Let us give a try everyone. I've already missed one night of terawih coz last nite I need to drive back to KL..


Mrs Shaka said…
Anul...selamat berpuasa yer :)
ku tak sempurna said…
lepas ramadhan pun kena raji baca quran gak... jgn lupa tu :D
sharamli said…
perut mak sejuk sbb sapu minyak angin tu..hua3
Masy said…
sejuk gaklah perot aku skalik hohehohe
imHepPie said…
haha mak amek ati je tuh..muahaha..
HEMY said…
Aliya : selamat berpuasa gak utk pertama kalinya

KTS : least time ramadhan la

Sharamli : ekeke..perut mak mmg byk angin..ahaha

Masy : perut ko skali baby??bagus2..ehehe

Imheppie : ekekeke..tulah..sapa lg nak amek ati aku
CAHAYA said…
Wah, kenapa dengan browser kau? Isk isk.

Ingat nak try Ramadhan ni. InsyaALLAH. ;)
syah shah said…
nape ko tak tarawikh aje sensorang lepas sampai tu... hihihihihihih :P :P
~wAniE~ said…
u sis like my fren la..suka ckp bongek..haha
Zaidon said…
saya pon baca sikit je ni.. smart la Bro writing dlm english.
zonaku said…
seronot kan kalau kat kg.................... sehari sebelum raya jer kot aku br leh jejak kg thn nie... uhuhuhuuu..
harap2 dpt la balik khamis...
HEMY said…
Cahaya : IE la ni pnya pasal

SyahShah : Penat dh weh...kul 12 mlm smpi umah

Wanie : ye ah??

Zaidon : smart??mekasih..tengah blaja lagi

Zonaku : mmg sonot...mggu ni balik lagi
IbadahMan said…
There is always something that bother me. Kalau nk buat ibadat takut riak, terus x buat. Ape kes, sbb takut ibadat x cukup la kena buat. Buat ibadat nie bukan utk org pn. Betul x?
Jard The Great said…
tibe2 aku nk balik kpg.. uwaaa..
Mak Su said…
pelan-pelan amalkan.... jadikan amalam seharian lagii sejuk, macam aircon kat opis tempat maksu kerja ni, sejuk bebeno. dema ingat kalu sejuk boleh kasik kurang penat posa kot. oops!
HEMY said…
Ibadahman : ada satu hadis ke, ayat pn tak isinya..kalau kita rasa kita bagus utk jadi tknak jadi imam sebab takut riak..n terus tak jadi imam..berdosa..

jadi sy rasa cmtu la lebih kurg utk ibadah lain. Lgpun sllnya ibadah tu akan jadi riak jika org lain tau..jadi..tkyah bgtu org..kecuali niat kita utk cuba pujuk org tu buat sama ngan kita..dakwah..tu lain plak.

Jard : balik kmpung aku la jard..jom

Mak su : haah..saya cuba utk jadikan amalan...sini pn sejuk..kita je jadi rasa lebih sejuk time pose..sbb lapar kot