Exhausted sole and car battery

Watching Mukhsin. I had a diffculty to get connected just now. I hate to take the last option to call Celcom careline for their 'warm advice'. It's irritating as usual. They make you listen to their advertisement before they even give you the department selection. Urgh..You usually give your customers to select the option first, then..you can advertise as you want while we 'think' that we were waiting to be connected. Won't that much more appropriate??

Fortunately, it took me only 4 minutes to get my issue solved. Huhh..I still remember the olden days when I was one of the people answering you calls, having to listen to your complaints. I think it's the karma. When I was one of the CSR (customer service representative), I always put myself in my customer's shoes. I never asked them to hold on the line unnecessarily. Maybe because of that, so far I've never been treated badly when I called any of the phone operator.

Ahhh~~~. I was planning to send Wan Hayati for cleaning. I tried to start her this morning when there's only a slow "EHEK" sound before the alarm went off. I kept on trying but the results were just the same. I know it's probably caused by the weak battery. But I just curious if the battery is KONG, how can the alarm went off so loud??

I went to one of the workshop to confirm the cause and indeed it's caused by the faulty battery. I asked the middle age chinese guy on the price of a new one. RM185 he said. Owkh..There goes my allocation for my new tennis shoes. I've been planning to buy one since last month. I kept on using Cembam's gift - the white nike shoes to play takraw, tennis and going to work. The sole has already exhausted a bit now. It's a normal thing when you play tennis with this kind of shoes. Tennis shoes are built with a bit harder sole for endurance wearing.

But I guess, I need to postpone it again..huuu..