555th post!! - 070809 Edition part 1

Yeay!!! My 555th posts (excluding 1 draft for future publish). It's been long journey of blogging and lots of friends have been commenting in my humble yet fun entries here..ahaha!!! As you have been waiting (ye ke ada yg wait), I'm going to publish entries on my vacation last weekend with my Cembam. This is the first entry of 070809 edition.

Poyo habessss!!!mwaahahahaha!!!

I stayed at Black Stone Resort for my first night. The room rate was Rm88 but the next day (Friday - Sunday0, the rate increases to Rm150. The room is spacious, with 2 beds and a nice bathroom with a tub. It's located just near the beach along the seashore. I could hear the wave and feel the chilling breeze gushing coming into my room.

I asked Cembam to come at 8.30 a.m the next morning to have breakfast together as I have 2 coupon for a complimentary breakfast. Then, we walked and sat just near the beach. I love it. I feel the peacefulness, the sound of the wave is a mozart to my ears. I said to Cembam that I could sit there for hours. Then we snapped some photos.

Owkh..aku mmg tak reti senyumm

Some were taken at the beach, and some just outside my room. There's a nice round table and chairs outside my room which I think very nice for our pictures. you can enjoy the pictures. Feel free to vomit if you have to. Ekeke..The objective of that day's phtotoshoot is for us to train ourseves to smile as sweet as we can. We consider it a training for us to looks nice with our smiles in our wedding photos in the future. And, it's extremely hard for me.

"ko senyum camni nnt time sanding..jgn yg terlebey tu", pesan aku hari itu..ahaha!!

Cembam di muka pintu..kalau masuk lagi skit..hahaha...mengioww la aku..

I have a messy teeth and I dont really know how to smile. The same goes to Cembam. For most of the time, she would pose this weird smile making her so not my taste..mwahahaha!! Guess I need more training and practice on it...ekekeke. Ok, for this entry I'll share pictures taken around my room and the Black Stone Resort.


sharamli said…
cpt lak p tukar bju dari 0ren ke biru...
HEMY said…
hahaha..ko perasan ek yg tu..ekekeke