1for Zaffar and 2 for Mama n Daddy

Well..a bit late for it's own dedicated entry I supposed. It's because I'm waiting for the album to fully finished, which was on last Sunday before updating it here. Well, everyone has already know who Zaffar is right? My self-claimed godson with his fluffy cheeks and a smile that is sooo expensive and precious (that explains the less-smile pictures=p). I attended his birthday party on 25th July. It's actually one month earlier. But it was celebrated along with his parents' 2nd anniversary. You can check out their album here, click the Efendism link up there or just click on my digital namecard on the right there.


Last night we played tennis at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa..yeahhh!!! So fun, learn a bit more on getting accustom with a single backhand shot. Not sure how many session I could play more before the fasting month. But tonight, I might be playing again with my partner, Asri at MMU. Well, if the courts are not fully utilized coz there's no booking system for MMU courts. And, tomorrow night at Bangsar with my fellow shell-mate for our last preparation before our friendly match with shell cyberjaya. Ehehe..Yaa..I know, I'm so into tennis huh?? Well, it doesn't require lots of money to play, I get to fill my night time and I gain healthier body and greater fitness. Hehehe!! And the best part is, I have a nice raqcuet!!!! (refer to my racket entry). Ehehehe!!

Hmm...I have a problem here. I need a temporary glasses. I cant really see clearly at night without glass. I do see my surroundings, but not as sharp as I supposed to. The eye and oral claim for this year might be used for my tooth crowning. It would cost around Rm500 and then for my mum's fake teeth. So, anybody has a spare glasses with less than 200 power?? Ekekeke. Or anyone fancy to sell his/her old frame?? Let me know yah!!

I haven't shop for my fasting stock like I did last year. I bought a pack of milo, powder milk, and nestum drink. This is for my sahur and sometimes even my fast-break. Sugar??damn hard to find now. Let's see...hmm..how many notes do I have left in my pierre cardin-engagement gift-wallet??ahahaha!!

Owkh, Moment n zonaku...update me our plan yeah.. (hehehe..saja tulis kasi korg jeles. Nk date ngan zonaku n moment!!)