Uuuhhh..just finished attending all the tickets lodged on behalf of the users. Huh!! I concentrated the whole before-lunch-period to rectify everything leaving the after-lunch-period free for my own activities. Ehehe. Yep, this is how I do my work everyday. Priority comes first. Settle all the work first before your onw agenda.

Did you guys received email from nuffnang about the nescafe script contest?? Let's try our luck!! I'm working on my script and just finished 3 scenes yesterday. ehehe. If you are one of the top 20, you would be winning Rm1000 just because you are nuffnagers!! So, eventhough you don't win it, but you actually nailed something though. Hehe. If I finished the script later, I'll publish it here.

I'm going to the cinema this Thursday night!!Yeahhhh!!! Thanks to *someone whom so kind to treat us to watch Harry Potter. Well, the initial plan was to watch transformers. But it still so much fun being treated to a movie. It's been a while since my last cinema movie. If I could recall correctly, the last movie I watched was GENG - UPIN IPIN with Cembam. Ehehehe!!

Can't wait!!! Plus with friends is wayy better!!! EXPELLIARMUSSSS!!!