What the??

Reached my office a bit late. It's all because of the waiting. First, I was waiting and watching the Men's Single Wimbledon Final last night between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. Damn, both of them are so good. They couldn't break each other's serve making the points always in a tie. I was so sleepy and the last thing I know, I woked up after a while and saw Federer holding a trophy. I guess he won finally. But I don't know what is the points for the game.

Secondly, while watching the game, my housemates and I were waiting for our housemate, Pagoh. He went to his hometown and we were hoping he would bring rambutan, mangosteen and durian for us. And the arrival was worth waiting..hehehe. Pagoh came home with a big plastic of rambutan which I think weight around 10 kilos, 6 durians and around 2 kilos of mangosteen. Ehehehe. So nice..Really worth waiting. It was my 2nd durian I've ate after the first one I bought for my future in-law. Ekekeke. But last night's was far better.

Owkh, I have this one problem which occuring once in a while when I was bloghoping. I want to know if someone else ever experienced it. It has already happened to me 3 times. When I was browsing someone's blog, and then I closed it..suddenly there's a lot of consecutive new windows of that person's blog being popped up. It's like the picture above but it's way more than that. It's around 10 windows per second. It would fill up my screen in just a matter of seconds. I had to switch off my machine by force to stop it. Just hope it's not caused by any virus targetting random blogs when we opened them.

Anyone ever experienced that? So far, it happened when I browsed and closed Cahaya's, JoeGrimjow's and Mooney's. Each one just occured once. Huu..I just afraid it would causing me any problem later. Hope not.

There are other things to update. But let this be the first one today...=p